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INVISIO (Racal Acoustics)

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INVISIO hearing protection and communication systems are based on simplicity, modularity and flexibility to fit the communication needs of both the soldier and the motorized professional – regardless of job requirements.


INVISIO is the world market leader in advanced communication and hearing protection systems. The company develops and sells advanced systems that enable professionals to communicate and work effectively in noisy, mission-critical environments while protecting their hearing. INVISIO systems provide military and security personnel with operational advantages that increase security. They also contribute to reducing the costs of hearing loss for individuals and society.

INVISIO’s customers are mainly agencies in charge of procurement for security forces and defense forces. Growth for the products is driven by modernization programs with high requirements for new equipment. In recent years INVISIO has won significant contracts in the framework of programs requiring hearing protection that include radio and communication solutions. The company has long-term contracts with defense authorities in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and Denmark, among others.


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Finding the best solutions

Challenge (Australia)

To enable the motorized melee to communicate while simultaneously reducing the harmful effects of battlefield noise. The solution INVISIO S10, V60 and X5. The Combat Hearing Protection (CHP) element has equipped II. level footed melee hearing protection that ensures that exposure to harmful noise remains within acceptable limits while minimizing disruption to the user’s auditory situational awareness and ability to perform their duties.

Challenge (Canada)

Allow soldiers to better connect with their teams during missions. Significantly improve command and control, target reporting and situational awareness for the fighter while enabling seamless voice and data sharing with intermediary command centers across the operational landscape. The devices must be light and easy to use even in difficult outdoor conditions. The solution INVISIO V60 and X5. Communication tools were rolled out in 2017. The first deliveries to customers are almost complete. This fits with the Canadian Army’s vision for Soldier Systems, which includes The Soldier of the Future.

Challenge (France)

To provide a well-functioning and easy-to-use communication system for Green Army units for domestic operations with a militarized smartphone. The solution INVSIO V60 and X5. For this, a customized version of INVISIO V60 was developed, which allowed the use of two radio networks. One is a militarized smartphone and the other is a Homeland Security radio network. The connection was created with the INVISIO X5 on-ear headset to ensure a high level of hearing protection in case of any detonation and overall good situational awareness.

Challenge (US Special Forces)

Improve the mobility, communications, safety and effectiveness of the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Green Berets. The solution Light and flexible communication system – INVISIO Body Worn Systems and INVISIO Intercom – (Polaris MRZR D4 Turbo Diesel and Ranger Search and Rescue). INVISIO’s personal communication suites allow users to communicate in any environment. The INVISIO communication system works with all-terrain and transport vehicles, fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, marine vehicles, and can easily be switched to the individual soldier’s social network. The INVISIO system comes with advanced communication headsets that include hearing protection, proprietary digital audio and speech, simple command buttons. All of them are easily integrated with multiple systems and use high security standards. The most innovative advantage of these systems is the seamless ease to disconnect from the vehicle-mounted system, to make the solution portable for the user. This can reduce vehicle weight by up to 80 percent, resulting in; more interior space in the vehicle, greater load capacity and improved fuel consumption.

Challenge (Denmark)

In 2012 the Danish Army required a new team radio and hearing protection headset for combat soldiers. The goal was to increase soldier safety by eliminating hearing damage and reducing operational complexity. To ensure compatibility the procurement was bundled. The solution INVSIO V60 and X5 Along with meeting all technical requirements, the ruling choice came from a good soldier acceptance of the system. In addition, modularity, comfort and weight were also key requirements. All combat soldiers swapped their old radio equipment for the new radio and INVISIO headset system, meaning all Danish combat troops have only had INVISIO hearing protection headsets for the last 5 years. INVISIO has subsequently integrated more audio devices into the control unit to give a complete audio system for the Danish Army.

Challenge (England)

To reduce hearing impairment and loss in land-based members of the British Army, Royal Navy and RAF. The solution INVSIO S10 and X5. Among other noise factors, it was found that the main sound causing hearing damage was the impulse noise of gunfire. It was also necessary to ensure that communication through the systems would be comfortable while protecting hearing and would still allow soldiers to maintain situational awareness – so that they could act as effectively as possible.


The INVISIO X5 headset is designed exclusively for the INVISIO range of advanced controls and is one of the central components of the INVISIO hearing protection system. It’s a double-sided in-ear hearing protection headset with state-of-the-art external microphones for natural hearing and six different sizes of interchangeable foam eartips for market-leading hearing protection and comfort. The INVISIO X5 is the in-ear headset of choice for future soldier programs and law enforcement officers. The headset is fully compatible with other INVISIO systems. INVISIO X5 Racal Acoustics kommunikatsioon

  • In-ear headset
  • Hearing protection (32 dB SNR / 29 dB NRR)
  • Bone conduction microphone
  • 2m waterproof
  • Bilateral
  • 70 grams
  • Tan or black



The INVISIO V60 II is designed to be the ultimate communications hub and can be connected to virtually any type of communications equipment such as – multiple network radios, smartphones, a wide range of audio equipment, headsets (tactical, covert and commercial) and intercoms. Also with land, sea and aircraft systems. When paired with the INVISIO X5 and T7 headsets, the INVISIO V60 II offers double hearing protection of 42dB (SNR) and 34dB (NRR). INVISIO V-Series Gen II controllers deliver unparalleled audio performance using advanced digital signal processing techniques. Unlimited configuration options for all end-user scenarios make it a clear market leader in hearing protection in extreme environments. The device makes Speech, VOX and dual network support on all COM ports simple and intuitive. INVISIO V60 Racal Acoustics

  • 3 Com-ports
  • 4 PTT buttons
  • 152 grams
  • 70 x 63 x 25 mm
  • Communication Power
  • Multiple headsets
  • Com automatic detection
  • 20 m waterproof
  • Tan or black
  • VOX capable
  • Dual network on all COM ports
  • Better hearing through comfort mode
  • Automatic silencing of radio noise (muting)
  • Impulse noise limiter (Rx output limiter)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Radio relay option
  • Level dependent dual hearing protection 42dB SNR / 34dB NNR with hearing capability
  • Reducing Tx noise and improving speech intelligibility
  • Rx sound adapts to surrounding noise



The INVISIO S10 is an in-ear hearing protection and communication system designed for use in a single radio with no external radio power supply. It is a self-contained headset module that can be used with existing push-to-talk and group radios. The small and lightweight control unit has a single button to turn the hearing aid on and off and is powered by an AA battery. Push-to-talk functionality remains in the radio and full duplex is supported. INVISIO Racal Acoustics S10

  • 1 Com Port
  • There are no PTT buttons
  • 150 grams
  • 65 x 58 x 20 mm
  • AA battery
  • Wired headset
  • Wired radio
  • 2m waterproof


The INVISIO T7 is a lightweight and submersible hearing protection headset available in three interchangeable variants. The T7 is waterproof to a depth of 10 meters and extremely durable, making it ideal for use in demanding environments. It is powered and controlled by the INVISIO control unit, which makes operation easy to understand and at the same time offers leading situational awareness. A wide range of configuration options makes the headset very flexible and comfortable. INVISIO racal acoustics T7 headset kõrvaklapid

  • An over-ear headset
  • Hearing protection 28 dB SNR
  • BOOM microphone
  • 10m waterproof
  • Bilateral
  • 350 grams
  • Tan or black