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Lerity Sensors


LERITY, formerly LHERITIER,  the market leader in long-range active imaging in the visible spectrum. In the visible spectrum and in real time, see clearer, further and in any condition:
  • daytime, nighttime, poor visibility,
  • electromagnetic pollution,
  • temperature and humidity,
  • shocks and vibrations.
  • Real-time signal processing
  • Innovative design of optronic systems for weak-signal environments
  • Know-how and integration of image sensors and laser illuminators



Optroonilised süsteemid

LERITY has extensive know-how and expertise in the design of optronic systems for applications in severe environments: temperature, shocks and vibrations and electromagnetic.

In order to significantly increase the reliability of the systems, their approach consists on the one hand in replacing by innovative solutions all the mechanisms and more generally all the moving parts traditionally used in optronic systems, and on the other hand in minimizing the number of product parts. With this approach it is easy to ensure an excellent electrical continuity between the different parts and consequently a good behavior against electromagnetic aggression

The acquired expertise, validated by qualification tests and demonstration of reliability integrating the real environmental conditions of the products, concerns in particular the following solutions:

  • LCD-based electronic iris to replace mechanical iris
  • Passive athermalization of optics to eliminate focusing mechanisms
  • Multi sensor concept combined with fixed focal length lenses to replace motorized zooms
  • Consideration of EMC constraints in the design from the preliminary design phases
  • Dedicated real time signal processing



Lheritier Lerity Cat Eye

LERITY has extensive know-how and expertise in the field of image sensors and laser illuminators operating in the visible spectrum. This expertise allows to obtain the best performances in terms of ranges and to increase the fields of use in the conditions of poor visibility of vision systems.

This expertise is based on intensive market surveillance in view of the rapid technological developments in these fields. This surveillance allows us to identify the most promising components which will then be characterized according to our metrological standards and then for those which correspond to the requirements of our customers integrated into products.

This expertise covers the following technological fields

  • Image intensifier tube
  • CMOS sensors
  • Laser sources: diode, VCSEL
  • Fast power transistors
  • Pulsed illumination synchronized with sensor exposure
  • Sensor control for very short exposure times
  • Dedicated real time signal processing