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FREEZE TECH is highly functional wear that effectively gives you a lasting cooling sensation. Achieving instant cooling with perspiration (moisture) and wind, FREEZE TECH is an apparel line featuring cooling designs that protect the wearer against heat using revolutionary cutting-edge cooling print technology.

The demand for cooling materials to fight the heat has increased annually. As the demand grows, materials with high performance in air permeability, contact cooling, and evaporation specializing in a cooling sensation have been developed. There are products with various cooling effects. However, this has created products with contact cooling just after wearing them.  This makes it is easy to feel cool, but with the passage of time, the cooling effect is an issue due to the fact that your body becomes accustomed to it. As a result, the amount of water that evaporates is reduced, limiting these cooling effects

FREEZE TECH has created a fabric with excellent water-absorbing and quick-drying properties. When moisture (sweat) absorbed by the fabric a cooling effect starts to take place thanks to the moisture that your body is emitting – that brings forth a cooling sensation. Furthermore, it is possible to accelerate the drying of this fabric with a light breeze, that in turn increases the cooling effect even more. Created and produced in JAPAN.

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Cold sensation on contact!

FREEZE TECH prints “xylitol erythritol“, specially created to remove heat using a chemical reaction with water. By reacting with the moisture (sweat) produced from human skin, the temperature of the printed fabric drops and you will experience a cool sensation.

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Efficient use of cooling using water evaporation!

FREEZE TECH has created a fabric with excellent water-absorbing quick-drying properties. Therefore, when moisture (sweat) absorbed by the fabric dries, even with the cooling effect due to evaporation that occurs, a cold sensation occurs. Furthermore, if it is possible to accelerate the drying of this fabric with a breeze, causing the cooling effect due to evaporation to increase.

Excellent washing durability!

“Xylitol erythritol”, specially created to remove heat using a chemical reaction with water, is easily dissolved in water, and isn’t well known for being particularly durable during washing. FREEZE TECH achieves superior durability during washing by using durable ink derived from nanoparticles

Avoid unpleasant odors!

Fabric is antibacterially deodorized. Fabric is actively blocking the production of bacteria that is producing yeast. That means it is able to prevent any bad smells caused by sweat or bacteria from the human body.

Protects from the sun!

FREEZE TECH uses fabric with a UV protection rating of 90% or more (UPF 40 or more) to prevent sunburn. In addition, this can prevent fatigue caused by ultraviolet rays.

Comfortable to wear!

Because FREEZE TECH uses a very stretchy fabric, the fabric gives in and shrinks exactly where you need it. This makes movement easy, comfortable to wear and avoids the ‘slippery feeling’ even with greater movements. Ordinary clothing can be tight, and although it usually doesn’t bother wearers too much, the discomfort can build up little by little and will eventually cause fatigue. However, when using FREEZE TECH, you can forget about the discomfort and poor fit of ordinary clothes. It will reduce the feeling of fatigue.


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The maximum cool value in the coolness test was -1.5 ° C! Conducted test to determine the moisture absorption endothermic effect from FREEZE TECH print. The moisture absorption endothermic effect lowers the maximum temperature difference to -1.5compared to normal clothing. In addition, it is superior to other companies’ products in providing that cool feeling