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NIGHTSEARCHER produces high-quality, innovative and durable light sources for every customer’s changing needs. Our in-house product development department can create the right product for every situation.

NightSearcher has been designing and producing portable rechargeable lighting solutions since 1989. Initially, these products were only delivered to industrial markets, where NightSearcher still has a reputation for very high quality and service.

Today, NightSearcher’s products are used by the police, military, firefighters, search and rescue, railways, construction, the automotive industry and the oil and gas industry.

The continued success and gradual expansion of NightSearcher is aided by dynamic compliance with health and safety requirements, as well as new and existing customer requirements. Our product range includes high-quality floodlights, work lights, floodlights, flashlights, floodlights, hazard lights for hazardous areas.

NightSearcher’s new export sales office opened in 2015, a natural extension of their headquarters in the UK. This will allow them to deliver their products more efficiently to customers outside the UK.

NightSearcher is constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of a diverse customer base. NightSearcher is registered according to the Achilles scheme according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard and has products listed with NATO codes.


Pulsar Pro Rechargeable LED Hazard Lights

– Available in Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, or White
– Visible lighting over 1 km / 360 °
– 10 light modes, including white flashlight setting
– Working time up to 60 hours – Floats in water / shatterproof up to 3 tons
– Magnetic back
Ideal for professional applications: First aid, police, fire and road services.  


NightSearcher Tower Pro-2K

Portable, collapsible
Quick and easy setup
0.66 m when folded / the stand reaches 1.5 m
Powerful – 2000 lumens, up to 30m light beam
1.5 to 4.5 hours duration
7.4 V 2000 mAh battery. – Can be used connected to AC power
– Switch and brightness control panel.
– Battery status indicator.
– Warm white / cool white light.
– Rotating light at several angles
– Removable head with hanging hook and magnetic base
– Strong aluminum housing
Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Pro-5K (5000 lumens)



Solaris Pro Rechargeable Lighting System

High power LEDs, 16,000 lumens / 500m beam
Up to 48 hours
– low battery indicator
– Spot Beam for long distance and to illuminate the Wide Beam area
– Lightweight, portable, quick to set up.
– The extension rod reaches 1.85 meters with the built-in cable.
– Built-in stability feet for use on uneven ground
– All in one (light, battery and 1.85 m extension rod) light (7-8.5 kg) and compact design

2 battery options available according to light / operating requirements
Solaris Pro (18Ah lithium ion) and Solaris Pro-X (36Ah lithium ion).