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SRC Brasa

From high-quality functional clothing and tactical equipment to artificial intelligence solutions, SRC Brasa is driven by innovation. Their dedicated team focuses on technology and science, with unique customer needs to deliver significant value in more than 20 countries. Ensuring rigorous quality control and providing top-notch customer support. SRC Brasa specializes in multi-layered functional clothing and adjustable tactical equipment designed for combat situations in a variety of environments and climates around the world. Join our rapidly growing list of satisfied customers, including the Latvian Army and other military and law enforcement agencies around the world.



Investments in research and development and world-class technologies ensure the production of durable, adaptable and ergonomic military products. Professional engineers, military specialists and production experts work side by side to ensure the highest quality in form, function and design.


Cooperation with military and law enforcement agencies around the world has provided them with a wealth of international experience. The fact that they have entrusted them with their safety is indeed the highest compliment their customers can offer them.


SRC Brasa’s production and development laboratory is located in Riga, Latvia, and offers excellent logistics throughout Europe. Their proximity to global markets means fast delivery times.


The next generation of military technology and innovative digital solutions will help meet the new challenges facing the military and security forces in the digital age. The advanced scientific and intellectual capabilities of their research and development laboratory distinguishes SRC Brasa from other military manufacturers. Their latest innovation is the Natrix Military Support System. It is a mobile platform with an intelligent navigation system developed by the armed forces, experts and industrial designers.