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Ballistic Vests

“Plate carrier” typically refers to a vest or carrying structure designed to hold bullet-resistant plates. These plates can be made from various materials – ceramic, polyethylene, or metal – and are intended to dissipate impact force and protect the body from gunfire. Ballistic vests may vary in design and features. It’s possible for a plate carrier to only accept SA (StandAlone) plates. In such cases, it’s not possible to add soft panels as needed (some ballistic panels require additional soft panels to function correctly).

“A bulletproof vest” refers to a garment designed to protect against bullets or fragments. These vests can be made from various materials, such as Kevlar, aramid fibers, or combinations thereof. They are generally designed to be worn close to and against the body. Different companies design their vests differently, so it’s advisable to familiarize oneself with bulletproof vests beforehand.

The term “bullet-resistant vests” or “bulletproof vests” should generally be replaced with the term “ballistic vests”, emphasizing their ability to withstand bullets. However, it’s important to understand that no ballistic vest can provide complete protection against all types of ammunition. The most suitable protective equipment depends on the user’s specific needs and circumstances. Military protective gear includes various tactical and combat vests, including vests with plate carriers and tactical modular vests, designed to meet the diverse needs and environments of the military.

Lightweight bulletproof vests, tactical carrying vests, and modular tactical vests are important additions to overall ballistic protective equipment. This allows users to be provided with versatile and customizable protection according to their needs.