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Aimpoint was founded in Sweden more than 45 years ago. Over the years, they have worked closely with experienced hunters and shooters as well as professional users around the world to improve red dot technology. Customers trust their products because of the Aimpoint® brand. Aimpoint’s goal is to be the THAT brand that comes to mind when thinking of red-dot sights. The love of challenges and the launch of the highest quality and innovative products for over four decades is not an utopia. Aimpoint is a real success story, thanks to all of their hard-working people, suppliers and grateful customers.

For those who haven’t used Aimointing products yet, we look forward to seeing how Aimpoint® sights improve your shooting.


Aimpoint stands for high quality in everything we do. Company performas always in top tier. Their goal is to provide according to customer requirements. They do this by creating working conditions where everyone can take responsibility for their work, so that every task is done on time, in the right way and with the best quality. Aimpoint has been developing and producing the highest quality red dot sights since 1975 and will continue to do so. Learning from past mistakes, they are constantly striving to improve.


Aimpoint invented the electronic red dot sight in 1975 and has ever since led the development of electronic red dot sights staying in the forefront in that area. Constantly striving to redefine the standard of excellence in their operations. That is why Aimpoint is open to ideas that challenge traditional views and drive innovation, no matter where the idea comes from. The only constant in life is change, and they believe that in order to remain relevant, Aimpoint must continually improve.


Customers are the basis of Their existence. Aiming to build lasting relationships by servicing returning loyal customers. Goal is to make every customer our brand ambassador. This is only possible because Aimoint’s employees feel committed, interested in their tasks and proud of our company. This is how they achieve goals – together.


Which Aimpoint is right for you?

The durability and performance of Aimpoint red dot sights is unprecedented. The sights used by the Defense Forces still work without problems and are highly valued by sporting organisationz as well. Many may wonder why choose Aimpoint when analogues are sold at half price? If you expect consistent reliability from your goal, we recommend that you leave out analogues. Yes – they may look similar, but the construction quality is not the same. Red-dot sights hold the inserted zero firmly, run on a single battery for up to 8 years and withstand a wide range of falls and shocks.

Aimpoint CompM4S and CompM4 (also applies to other models) is that the battery compartment in the S model is facing down towards 5 o’clock when looking at the sight. All the CompM models the letter S stands for the battery placement (5 o’clock).

The Aimpoint CompM5b differs from other Aimpoint targets by its adjustability. The turrets can be set at will or using pre-set options. This allows you to switch between different target distances quickly without having to aim below or above the target.

Aimpoint CompM3 and CompML3 is a valued sight for hunters and athletes. Slightly larger than the military would prefer, but still as dependable and reliable as their descendants.

Aimpoint Micro T-1 and Micro T-2 best feature is their compact nature. A gun with a small picatinny rail or in a case where there are many other accessories used, the micro series is the best possible solution. Trustworthy sights with a durability that cant be compared to others. Mount them straight to picatinny or use spacers to bring the sight higher.

The Acro P2 / C2 are red-dot sights designed primarily for use with pistols, but are also suitable for larger weapons incase the lack of space should plague. The closed system keeps the red dot clearly visible at all times.

Magnifiers 3xMAG , 6xMAG and 3x-C are great for Aimpoint red dot sights. Using FlipMount, you can quickly add or remove a magnification, alternatively Twistmount can be used that will able you to easily remove the accessory. Magnification does not change the size of the red dot.

Most Aimpoint Sights can be fitted with lens covers, that are meant to protect sight lenses, for storing. If you are on a tactical mission then for glare removal would be ARD killflash the best option.

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