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Holsters differ in their level of security. Police officers use higher security holsters to prevent unauthorized persons from removing the weapon. Regular users who carry a weapon concealed might prefer a holster with security level 1, which allows quick access to the weapon. Quick-release holsters allow easier access to the weapon in an emergency.

Pistol holsters come in a variety of styles and materials. Tactical holsters are made of reinforced materials, providing protection and durability in harsh conditions. They are good for military and law enforcement. Military holsters are designed for intensive use and often have additional features such as (extra) attachment points and adjustability. Concealed carry holsters allow the weapon to be carried unobtrusively and at the same time quickly retrieved. Shoulder holster distribute the weight evenly over the shoulders, perfect for when the waist is occupied by other items of equipment.

Modular attachment allow the attachment of various pockets and accessories as needed. Universal holsters are suitable for different types of weapons, but they are always inferior in quality to those produced for the specific model of the weapon. Specially designed for specific gun models ensure always a perfect fit. Adjustable holsters allow the user to customize the holster according to needs.

When choosing one, you should avoid material that wears out – for example, leather. When it wears, it loses its shape and can come into contact with the trigger when repositioning the firearm, causing an unwanted shot. Choose a holster that meets your needs for safety and comfort.