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L3 Warrior

L3 Warrior Systems leads the world in the production of its high-tech optical night vision devices, electro-optical technologies, and systems. The products are aimed at US military units, federal agencies, law enforcement, but users can also be found in the form of sports communities. The manufacturer has several different military and commercial divisions – Inside Technology, EOTech, Electron Tube Operations (ETO), InfraRed Products (IRP), Advanced Laser Systems Technology (ALST) and Mobile-Vision, Inc. (MVI). Thus, the L-3 offers a very wide range of products in terms of targeting and visibility technologies.

  • Image Amplifiers (I2)
  • Thermal cameras
  • Heat detectors
  • High Performance Night Vision Equipment


In addition, L-3 also has its own service training facility, repair and logistics center. The L-3 Warrior Systems offers the widest range of optics to support the soldier in seeing, maneuvering, aiming and shooting in all weathers. It doesn’t matter if it’s night or day.



L3 Warrior Sensor Systems is a world leader in the development and production of components for night vision and electro-optical systems. Warrior Sensor Systems supports all U.S. military affiliates, including elite military units, law enforcement and rapid response. In addition, assistance is being provided to Allies in the development and supply of laser aiming and lighting equipment, laser metering systems, handheld and thermal systems, holographic UIs and other advanced components.

If you need low-light viewing capabilities that are reliable and that you can always count on, Insight Technology is the way to go. Why? As Insight Technology Laser Sights, Insight Tech Thermal Imagers were developed with the military and defense professionals in mind. Therefore, the quality has always been of the highest standards. L-3 Insight Technology is a leader in their field because they are focused on bringing the best products to market. The extremely durable and reliable quality of Insight-technology equips your firearm for any situation, no matter where you are.

Insight Technology got off to a modest start. The business started in the basement of the family 20 years ago, but now the entire US Army is turning to them. Insight Tech wants to give soldiers a tactical advantage, whether on exercise or on a mission. Rigorous tests on the world’s most extreme battlefields have proven that Insight is the best in its field in military equipment.

  • Aiming and lighting systems
  • Holographic attractions
  • Tactical Illuminators
  • Thermal cameras
  • Image intensification (I2) systems
  • Thermal Imaging and Fuse systems
  • Precision targeting systems
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Night vision tubes

Sample product: L3Harris ENVG-B

L3Harris ENVG-B provides soldiers with all the tools to target, deal and neutralize threats. The night vision device will significantly increase the success of the mission and the safety of the operators themselves. The ENVG-B is a helmet-mounted observation tubes that brings together industry-leading innovations such as combined white phosphorus and thermal technologies.

+ Fused technology Soldiers receive real-time observation data amplified by white phosphorus (I2) that is combined through thermal imaging.
+ Unrivaled I2FOM clarity and durability.
+ Flexible 40 ° viewing area with two different modes – White hot or black hot. + Accurate and fast recognition of the target in all weather and lighting conditions.

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Built-in virtual reality

Allows you to view and monitor continuously without having to check maps or radio in the meantime. All necessary information is displayed on the night vision device screen.

  • Excellent resolution
  • The user is shown the most important way-points, allied forces and battlefield status
  • All information is shared
  • If a smart sight is attached to the weapon, this image can be brought directly into the goggles.