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TAT3D is Adriano Peccin’s patented product that has been developed over many years for tactical training. The family-owned company PECCINI SILVANO is a dynamically and technologically advanced company in the field of mechanical modeling and industrial molds.

The Tat3d target was not designed from two-dimensional images, but by scanning the human body. This design process made it possible to achieve an extremely realistic three-dimensional effect of proportions and body parts.


TAT3D is a reality-like target system that allows you to create very realistic tactical scenarios. The target allows you to play through different tactical scenarios, providing as realistic feedback as possible. The target is also suitable for melee training.


Why 3D design?

The trainee acquires real visual confirmation of the target from the target, which allows the trainee to achieve dynamics similar to the actual situation. This means maximum profitability in a situation where these are no longer dormant targets


Why realism

Registration is for a 3D target: Identifying a target that is close to the person provides an additional option. If the target is close, then it is always wiser to shoot or there is the right choice to engage in close combat. This is one of the many features that Tat3d offers you. All targets are made with a special polyurethane compound that is optimized for shooting: the material hit by the bullet in a straight line closes on its own. This allows for a long service life. Shots that are penetrating do less damage to the target. It is possible to shoot 3-4 thousand 9 mm shots on the center plate, and 5.56 mm ammunition can increase this number to 6-8,000 shots. Effective repairs can be made with a special adhesive mastic.