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Military pyrotechnics

Military pyrotechnics includes a wide range of pyrotechnic products and solutions specially designed for military and defense purposes. These may include a variety of explosives, grenades, flares, smoke grenades, and similar devices used for tactical operations, communications, illumination, concealment, and signaling on the battlefield.

The development and production of military pyrotechnics often requires a high degree of specialization and compliance with strict safety and quality standards. These products must be reliable, durable and accurate to perform various military tasks in different environments and conditions. All of these play an important role in the planning and execution of military operations, helping to increase the effectiveness of soldiers, ensuring their safety and enabling fast and effective communication and coordination on the battlefield. In addition, it is also used in training and exercises to simulate different situations and practice responding to different threats and challenges.


  • Military Pyrotechnics: A standardized tactical pyrotechnics solution in NATO
  • Safety pyrotechnics: For safety in various situations.
  • Pyrotechnic Effects: Visual or audio.
  • Pyrotechnic Charges: From signaling to lighting.
  • Pyrotechnic Signals: Tactical signaling and communication on the battlefield.
  • Flares: For communication and signaling.

Additional information

Choose the desired keyword (e.g. military pyrotechnics, flares and smokes) and then the brand, which will take you to the primary information of the manufacturer. For an in-depth look, we definitely recommend visiting the manufacturers’ original websites (the link is in the manufacturer’s introduction).

Alternatively, you can directly ask us questions via the e-mail contact form if you need additional help or special solutions.

Important Note

Usage rights: Most solutions, especially military pyrotechnics and tactical pyrotechnics, require an end-user certificate and the consent of a foreign country for use in Estonia.
Intended use: These requirements apply primarily to solutions intended for military or national defense tasks.