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Rescue Tools

Rescue equipment is an important part of the work equipment of firefighters. Firefighting is only part of their duties. Less than 20% of calls to fire departments are related to fires. Today, firefighters help with a variety of emergencies – vehicle accidents, building collapses and toxic chemical spills.

Every emergency is unique and requires specific tools. To find out what emergency equipment your department needs, you need to know the emergencies that are more likely to occur in your area. For example, in an area with harsh winters, special equipment may be needed for accidents caused by snow and ice. However, it may be necessary to prepare for fires in an area with a risk of drought. The rescue teams should also have hydraulic rescue tools that can be used to cut apart vehicles involved in an accident.

Belts, ropes, firefighting equipment, rescue tools, and rescue helmets are just a few examples of the essential tools that firefighters use in various emergency situations. In addition to these basic rescue tools, firefighters may also use tactical rescue tools for more complex operations, such as evacuating structures or dealing with complex fires. Safety rescue equipment such as gas masks or protective clothing ensure the safety of firefighters in the event of a spill of hazardous substances. Evacuation tools such as forklifts or ladders help evacuate people from higher buildings or hard-to-reach places. All in all, firefighters’ equipment is versatile and carefully selected to ensure their ability and safety in a variety of emergency situations.