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Cleaning Products

Some information:

It is important to choose a cleaning rod that is made of a softer material than the barrel of your firearm. Most rifle and pistol barrels are steel, and cleaning rods are usually carbon fiber or aluminum (softer).

Nozzles are small attachments that go on the end of your cleaning rod. They hold the cleaning cloth in place as you push the bar through the barrel.

Always use a clean wipe when cleaning the firearm. It is important to change the cleaning cloth for each pulling through with rod. Swipes are intended for single use, as repeated use can deposit resiudue back into the barrel.

When choosing a cleaning brush, be sure to choose one that does not damage the inside of the barrel. Bronze brushes usually work well for removing stubborn carbon, and nylon brushes are good for lighter cleaning.

When firing, the internal parts of the gun are exposed to intense heat, rapid movement and friction. Because of the wear and tear that results, cleaning with the right chemicals is very important. Cleaning chemicals must work in this harsh environment and must remain lubricated for long periods of time to protect sensitive parts.