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Protective equipment

In the protective equipment / deterrents section, you will find tools designed to detain persons. We believe in reliable tools that do not fail users at a critical moment and also save the health of the arrested. In particular, the target group is end users working in the ranks of the Police, who need effective solutions to calm the situation. The most famous brands include ASP USA and Hoernecke, which are imported to Estonia by us.

– Pepper spray
– Handcuffs
– Telescopic batons
– BolaWrap
– Riot control vehicles

Choose the desired keyword and then the brand, which will take you to the primary information of the manufacturer. To get more information, we definitely recommend visiting the manufacturers’ original websites (Link available in the manufacturer’s introduction) to get to know them in depth! Alternatively, send an email directly to us via the contact form.

Please remember that some products require an end-user certificate for use in Estonia. This statement applies in particular to systems intended for use in situations strictly for the performance of national defense tasks (telescopic and rubber batons, vehicles with ballistic protection).