Masina IR märgistamine märk infrapuna

IInfraredID, a division of Reshet-Graf ltd (founded 1977), which develops and manufactures infrared ID solutions for night vision, SWIR and thermal devices. They specialize in passive IFF Battle ID customized products (personal and vehicle), including multi-spectral camouflage. Unpowered thermal targets for calibration, reset and training. The products can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. All products are passive, without current or chemical action.

The company has an ISO9001: 2015 certificate and all production takes place in its own buildings. The materials and products have passed laboratory and field tests. The most prominent users of Infrared-ID products are the Israeli Police and Army Special Forces and many other European and US troops.</a>


By clicking InfraredID – Soojus sihtmärkide kataloog 2022 (.PDF) you can get acquainted with the targets for use with heat-sensitive products.

By clicking InfraredID – Võitleja identifitseerimise kataloog 2022 (.PDF) you can learn about infrared and heat-sensitive marking options.

By clicking InfraredID – Masinate markeerimise kataloog 2022 (.PDF) you can get acquainted with the possibilities of marking friendly machines (numbers, letters and shapes)




IR detection products made of passive material are designed to absorb the full spectrum of visual light and reflect back only infrared. The reflected IR wavelength can be adjusted (0.7-1.4 microns). IR-reflecting products remain hidden and are only activated when the IR laser / light descends on them. The reflected IR is returned at a narrow angle and can only be observed from the perspective of the IR source.


IR flags

  • Custom made Infrared flag patches for IFF identifications
  • Made from IR reflective material
  • Velcro brand backing
  • Custom logo, flag, letters and symbols
  • Öövaatlusseadmega nähtav lipp IR Patch


IR Callsign patches

  • Custom made Infrared Call sign patches
  • Reversible callsign patches
  • Custom colors (Tan/OD/MultiCam) texts and symbols
  • Combined blood type & callsign
  • Airsoft / Paintball patches
  • Ir kutsung öösel nähtav


Laser cut IR patches

  • Laser cut Cordura flag and callsign IR patches
  • Custom fabrics and hybrid combination
  • ÖVS nähtav Lipp Patch


Vehicle IR markers

  • V marker for Vehicles
  • Magnetic or adhesive-backed
  • NATO standard, custom size and shape
  • Masina IR märgistamine märk infrapuna


IR IFF Squares

  • Custom made Infrared Call sign patches
  • Reversible callsign patches


Blood type patches

  • Personal blood type IR patches
  • Custom colors (Tan/OD/MultiCam)


Photoluminescent ID

  • High-level long luminance (glow in the dark)
  • Luminous patches
  • Helmet cat eyes
  • Fused IR & Luminous ID patches
  • Reflective & Luminous patches
  • helendav politsei tunnusmärk


Thermal Combat ID patches, Thermal ID Panels (Thermal Devices 3-5 & 8-12 micron)

Thermal ID panels and patches made from a passive material, intended for outdoor use, when exposed to open sky will reflect thermal energy of the sky ( on a clear day sky temperature can drop to -30oc) and appear as a contrasting cold area on the thermal device. Same material for 3-5 micron & 8-12 micron.


Thermal ID patches

  • Custom made Thermal ID patches for IFF identifications
  • Velcro brand backing.
  • Custom shape and size


Vehicle Thermal ID

  • Rooftop ID markers for thermal vision devices
  • Magnetic or adhesive backing
  • Letters and numbers
  • Custom size, shape and colors
  • Fusion Vehicle markers
  • Termokleebis tankil infraredID masinal


Passive Thermal Targets (Thermal sights)

Passive, no power boresighting, calibration and shooting targets for thermal sights made from a unique material that has natural thermal contrast – suitable for any weather for outdoor use. Supplied with or without adhesive backing including repair patches.


Calibration and Zeroing

  • Standard and custom Calibration and Zeroing
  • Passive thermal targets
  • Long-range thermal calibration
  • Boresighting thermal targets
  • Infrared stereo calibration targets
  • Multispectral zeroing



  • Figures and silhouettes for shooting range
  • Half and full man, AK 47 and M16
  • Head targets
  • E’ type targets
  • Sleeve thermal targets
  • Photo and Thermal Realistic targets
  • Repair patches for hot and cold zones
  • Standard and custom targets
  • inimese kujud öiseks laskmiseks siluett termo



  • Tanks, Jeeps, trucks silhouettes for thermal and day sights
  • All Vehicles can be custom made up to real 1:1 size
  • Photo and Thermal realistic vehicles
  • masina termosihtmärk öine laskmine


Thermal Targets for Indoor

  • The new patented technology of thermal targets for indoor shooting range use