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Fibrotex has been developing and manufacturing innovative concealment for the military and special forces for over 50 years. Their constant pursuit of excellence has led them to perfection, offering better solutions to the modern battlefield. Fibrotex delivers high-quality, custom-built applications that fit the needs of their customers in a diverse environment and provide the reliability you can count on. Research and Development.

Fibrotex is an Israeli company and their products require end-user certificates and export licenses. Unfortunately, their products are unavailable to private individuals.



FIBROTEX has an in-house design process that is being developed in an ever-changing camouflage technology environment to provide the best solutions for the end user. Fibrotex’s product development is based on the findings of extensive research into conflicts. The experience gained in the field is combined with the expertise in the field of unique compounds, ergonomic engineering and camouflage materials.


End to end

The entire Fibrotex production process is under one roof, offering full capabilities – from design to product, from pigment pastes printing, dyeing and finishing. From start to finish, all technical processes are checked to deliver the right product to each customer.



Fibrotex focuses on customer satisfaction. The quality of our products and services constantly meets and exceeds the highest demands of our customers. We implement an effective quality policy to ensure appropriate supervision throughout the production and sales process. Fibrotex is ISO 9001-2008 certified.



The biggest advantages of Fibrotex are in-depth research into camouflage technology and extensive in-house development and production capabilities. Fibrotex adapts its products to the unique requirements of each customer while maintaining high reliability and performance. Fibrotex is known as a company that “can provide innovative solutions according to customer needs, not existing ones. Fibrotex’s multispectral camouflage systems, ideal for mobile and static platforms, offer extensive electro-optical and electromagnetic protection for special forces and various platforms.


Camouflage systems

Fibrotex offers modular camouflage solutions with electro-optical and electromagnetic protection for terrestrial stationary applications.

Fibrotex offers comprehensive solutions for electro-optical devices and electromagnetic protection for mobile machines. Maneuverability on any platform Reduces signatures in multiple spectral ranges (UV / visual / near infrared / thermal / radar). Increases comfort with heat protection Full protection against all known threats of detection sensors.

+ 2-sided printing (camouflage in two different environments (city / woodland / desert / snow, etc.)
+ Two-dimensional lightweight system
+ Excellent visibility from the inside + Takes up little space and is easy to set up


Outer wear

+ Static and dynamic thermal shielding
+ Full thermal range: 2500-12000 nm (MWIR and LWIR)
+ Extra light: 550 gr. Including bag
+ Packaging in a 15X15X20 cm compression bag
+ Works in any environment
+ Ergonomic design for full maneuverability
+ Breathable for high intensity activities
+ Different visual camouflage solutions


Sniper camouflage 

+ Multi-spectrum masking – UV, visual, near infrared, thermal infrared
+ Reversible – different mesh camouflage on both sides
+ Reduction of thermal signature
+ Available for one or two people
+ Quick assembly, foldable (up to 3 minutes)
+ Lightweight, easy to carry

Two Way Camuflage

+ Two-dimensional multispectral camouflage suit
+ Reversible design, different geographical landscape on both sides
+ All multispectral options: UV, VIS, NIR
+ Significant heat reduction
+ Fireproof
+ Weight: less than 2 kg


Sandbags – Seamless

+ High resistance: resistant to UV radiation and microorganisms
+ Fireproof (optional)
+ Resistant to 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm ammunition
+ High mechanical strength + 25 kg sand / soil volume
+ Colors: olive green or sandy beige