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Princeton Tec

Princeton Tec is an American company with decades of experience in lighting. The range includes helmets, weapons and MOLLE-mounted luminaires. Outstanding lamps, especially for ease of use and lightness, are reliable and indispensable tools for missions out to night orienteering.

It is no exaggeration to say that headlamps changed their business. By moving the handheld lights against those worn on the head, a whole new group of customers has been served – from rock climbers and campers to global peacekeepers. The Solo was Princeton Tec’s first waterproof headlamp. Next, the industry’s first LED headlamp, the Matrix, was introduced as a true pioneer for durability and battery time.

The design and production are constantly evolving to create headlamps that can withstand heavy handling. Princeton Tec Sync is known for its one-handed clip and dial interface, while the Quad can run on alkaline or lithium batteries. Apex shines in places like Alaska, where extreme conditions require real light, power and endurance. Like you, Princeton Tec is constantly outdoing itself

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