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MOHOC believes that the world’s best soldiers deserve equipment worthy of their mission. Everything they do is specifically designed, developed and manufactured with the operator in mind. All products are bundled with the NATO / NSN code and are designed to increase the situational awareness of elite operators in the toughest conditions.

MOHOC Cameras and transmitters are the tip of the C5ISR tactical video sensors. MOHOC cameras are dual-use, not just ITAR-driven products; intended for the military, law enforcement agencies, rescue teams, but also for civilian and sports applications. Snowboarding and extreme biking are only some of the areas where MOHOC can be helpful Different Positions

mohoc IR camera   IR kiivrikaamera voogedastusega streaming camera

Different positions

Mohoc Läätse keeramine

One of the best features of MOHOC cameras is the 180 ° rotatable lens. This means that the camera can be placed freely directly on top of the helmet, at an angle of 45 ° or 90 ° to one side. Adjusting the camera lens is easy: When you look at the lens, there is a V-shape on the rubber ring that indicates the camera’s recording/streaming angle. The V-shaped indicator tip is attached to the camera body and the other part of the V is on the rotating ring.


Trustworthy mounting and low profile

Mohoc Kinnitus VelcroMohoc2 IR kaamera voogedastusega

The curved bottom design allows the camera to fit directly on the soft velcro of the helmet. Measured from the helmet, the MOHOC protrudes about 3.5 cm, which again proves its low profile. The camera is also light and does not add much weight to the helmet. Another good feature is that the helmet can be easily balanced depending on the mounting location of the camera. For example, if the camera is attached to the right side of the helmet, you can mount a light or other practical counterweight on the other side.


Vibrating feedback

Mohoc reziimidMohoc 2 kiivrikaamera ühendus


MOHOC has a vibration feedback function. The camera allows the user to know which setting has been selected. One short vibration at the beginning of the recording does not interfere with the user’s operations. In the event of a problem, the short vibration warning response will continue until the device is switched off. The purpose of this warning vibration, for example, is when a Micro SD card is not inserted.

Mohoc Aku


IR recording ja Streaming

Mohoc streaming raadio voogedastus IR kaamera kiivrile

The camera can film or stream information in IR as well as in normal daytime settings. This allows to bring the control over the activities to a new level, both in the tactical world and for those who are engaged in extreme sports. MOHOC 2 IR is almost 20x more powerful than its predecessor.


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