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SureFire has been an industry-leading innovation since its inception, pursuing cutting-edge solutions to critical issues for more than 40 years without compromising on quality.

SureFire has become a leader in high-end tactical equipment for first-class professionals, starting with laser technology. Less than 20 years after the physicist Theodore Maiman invented the first working laser – it described as “solution searching for a problem”. Dr. John Matthews, the founder of Surefire, revolutionized the firearms industry in 1979 with the invention of the first commercially available mountable laser. Since then, SureFire has continued to pursue Dr. Matthews’ vision by constantly pushing for technological innovations in lighting, silencers, and hearing protection.  


Weapon lamps

Designed for the best performance in the toughest conditions. Surefire rifle/gun flashlights are compact and shock-resistant. This is thanks to an almost indestructible LED light source. Attachable securely to your weapon (adapters for non-picatinny weapons are available) to produce flawless white light.




SureFire headlamps deliver soft, powerful light – optimized for your field of vision that can be easily adjusted at the touch of a button. You can choose from the Minimus series model with 123A lithium batteries to the Maximus model with AA rechargeable batteries. They offer an amazing light output of 500 lumens. High-power LEDs, durable housings and a comfortable fine mesh headband make the SureFire the best lamp on the market.


Helmet lamps

The SureFire® helmet lamp provides night-vision-friendly light output for night navigation or close-up work such as reading a map, loading or repairing equipment on the battlefield. Virtually indestructible LEDs, a compact and waterproof helmet lamp produces white, colored or infrared light at a variety of light levels. Attaches to TC 2000 MICH or similar helmets. The lightweight SureFire helmet lamp was originally designed for the military and SWAT special units. Although it is also very useful for cave exploration, climbing, construction work or search and rescue operations.