Special Equipment

In the special equipment section, you will find many different suppliers who offer excellent special solutions. We believe in reliable products that won’t let users down at a critical moment. In particular, the target group is end-users working in the Defense Forces and the Police, but employees of other agencies or private institutions can also benefit.

Special equipment (but not limited to):
– Gas mask (tactical)
– Helmet camera (tactical)
– Indicator of chemical compounds
– Machines / Vehicles
– Rescue tool

Choose the desired keyword and then the brand, which will take you to the primary information of the manufacturer. To get more information, we definitely recommend visiting the manufacturers’ original websites (Link available in the manufacturer’s introduction) to get to know them in depth! Alternatively, send an email directly to us via the contact form.

Please keep in mind that some products require an end-user certificate and/or a foreign country’s consent for use. This statement applies in particular to products that are intended for use in strictly military or national defense situations (Avon Protection, Fibrotex).