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Buff Safety

Buff Safety is the world’s leading manufacturer of tubulars. Products can be worn in many different ways: + As a headprotection to prevent harm from direct sunlight + As a helmet hat to improve work comfort + As a scarf to protect against wind and cold In the Buff Safety range you will find: Windproof tubulars, Fireproof tubulars, Warm tubulars, Reflective striped tubulars, Helmeted caps, Merino wool balaclavas, Windproof balaclavas and much more. Contact us to get an offer for a larger quantity. At the moment you can also find a limited selection of Buff Proffessional products in Bauhof (Estonia) stores – Laagri / Lasnamäe / Tartu / Pärnu


BUFF® was born in Igualada, 60 kilometers from Barcelona. Today, their headquarters continue to be located in this same famous area of ​​the textile industry. It will be used to shape all of their new collections and produce many of the most popular products.


Their most popular product is the multifunctional tubular BUFF®. They have proudly created original and practical clothing to protect you in all weather conditions, from extreme cold to wind and sun. Their products are currently shipped to more than 60 countries.


BUFF® Safety products are not simply practical. A unique feeling is brought into all of its collections. Therefore, their products are ready for extreme sports, hiking, everyday urban use or working in difficult conditions. They look further and look for evermore new challenges.


ISO rules for quality management and the environment are followed. ISO 9001: ensures compliance with the requirements of a quality management system focused on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Download ISO 9001 ISO 14001: ensures compliance with the requirements of the environmental management system. Download ISO 14001 certification


Protection from ultraviolet radiation in sunlight is important to prevent serious health problems such as skin cancer. To this end, BUFF® has been designed to protect against UV rays.