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Marom Dolphin


Focusing on ergonomics and body mapping, Marom Dolphin has come up with many innovative solutions over the years that make tactical tools more comfortable to use. By implementing their specially designed solutions, customers are provided with delivery systems that allow them to fight stronger, longer and more effectively. Marom Dolphin’s engineers and designers have gained years of experience in military service and are on field missions to keep ahead of the evolving battlefield, combat technology and military needs. Extensive knowledge and experience will find the right material and design to reduce the weight of load-bearing systems and increase user sustainability.


Formission System

Patented hinge for backpacks, which allows you to carry the backpack on any type of vest, while keeping the weight between the waist and shoulders. The soul offers the user complete flexibility when walking, kneeling, lying down, etc. FORMISION has been applied to thousands of backpacks over the years and is now standard in many armies around the world.


Fusion System

Patented advanced carrying system that combines a tactical belt, body armor and full-size backpack into one modular system. The system can be used with (or without) ballistic soft and hard panels. For added comfort, the weight of the system is balanced between the shoulders and waist. System is with only one set of shoulder straps and waistband. Designed for a variety of uses, such as: multi-purpose equipment bag, sniper rifles, medical equipment, communications, UAVs, drones, etc.


Micro Fusion System

A modular system that combines a tactical belt, a protective vest and a medium-sized backpack. The tactical belt may be used as a separate belt or as an integral part of a system that balances the weight of the vest and / or backpack between the shoulders and the waist. The backpack is attached to the same belt for better comfort. The vest and backpack can be designed as a plate carrier or protective vest in several ways.


T-Belt / Swivel Belt

Since 2014, soldiers and police have been using our specially developed weight distribution belts for body armor. The T-belt reduces the weight on their shoulders and balances it between the shoulders and the waist for better comfort. The height of the T-belt on the vest is easily adjustable and can be removed if necessary. In the second generation of the T-belt, we introduced a turning stage that allows the user flexibility (maneuvering to the sides) without restricting the user’s range of motion. These belts can be applied to any vest we make.


TPP connector

Specially designed lock for quick attachment and removal of vests, bags and even backpacks. TPP stands for Tactical Pivot Point. The TPP provides circular movement, allowing full movement to the sides even with a medium-sized backpack.


Durabad fabric

Durabad is a special fabric uniquely developed by Marom Dolphin. This is the next generation fabric for military use. By changing the fabric structure and production processes, it was possible to create a stronger and lighter material than traditional Cordura. Durabad reduces the weight of vests and backpacks while ensuring high abrasion resistance and durability. Durabad is the new standard for military fabrics in many armies around the world.