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Kestrel wind and weather meters offer from the current wind speed to all ranges of weather parameters, including altitude, barometric pressure, crosswind, and more. In addition, special models have been developed for specific end-users, such as HVAC measurement, long-range ballasting and concrete pouring. Whether you want an accurate measurement of your current wind speed or need a special environmental meter with data logging, Kestrel is for you.

About Kestrel Weather Meters

The wind speed meter used to require expensive equipment that took up a lot of truck space. Today, Kestrel’s anemometers and weather monitors are as small as a cell phone – and cost about the same. Hardly delicate devices, the Gauges are tough, immune to the elements and even float in water.

Handheld wind and weather meters are your portal to a world of ever-changing weather. An anemometer like the K3000 tells you everything you need to know about wind speed, temperature, even humidity and heat stress. Advanced weather parameters such as the Kestrel 5500 monitor nearly 20 different weather parameters and can save data for later analysis.

The exceptional field of application of their instruments has changed the equipment people need in many professional conditions. Firefighters, farmers, HVAC technicians and long-range shooters around the world have Kestrel. They have weather meters on hand to gather accurate, real-time weather reports. Made in the USA, waterproof, floating and with a 5-year warranty.