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Zarges – Over 500 different ladders, ladder sections, mobile scaffolding towers, work platforms, bridge piers, access and platform levels – made of aluminum alloy and plastic for industry, business and services , for crafts, home and garden. Discover the diversity of ZARGES products and find the right access equipment for your items.

ZARGES access equipment has been a reliable companion for industry and commerce for almost 90 years. The company’s ladders, scaffolding towers and work platforms are versatile and stand out for their exceptional quality.

ZARGES products are extremely safe and easy to use, allowing you to focus on the real task without wasting time worrying about safety or any complicated erection process. Ladders and scaffolding towers for professionals and hobbyists. The professional quality of ZARGES ladders and scaffolding towers is not only trusted by professionals in a particular industry. Known as a premium equipment supplier for trade professionals and enthusiasts who value safety and ease of handling. Defense, disaster relief and police services. Uncompromising quality with constant innovation – ZARGES has stood for this for over 80 years. Our goal: to have a professional and customized logistics solution for defense, disaster relief and police services. That’s why our products set market standards for the safety, durability and ergonomics of packaging and transportation, access and special designs.


Advantages for you:

ZARGES containers are particularly light, stable, corrosion-resistant, non-magnetic and easily adaptable to a wide range of applications, making them ideal for the military and police. In the event of a disaster, Zarges is indispensable for packing or transporting electronic equipment, first aid equipment and other sensitive goods.


Ladders and Scaffolding for Access

+ Steps and platforms
+ Ladders
+ Work platforms
+ Movable platforms
+ Fixed ladders
+ Scaffolding towers
+ Movable scaffolding


Special Solutions

+ Platforms for maintenance
+ Platforms for refueling
+ Special containers
+ For Radars and Navigation Systems



Packaging & Transportation

+ Boxes
+ Flat bases
+ Trolleys



+ Modular packaging systems
+ Storage Solutions
+ Mobile organization
+ Transport
+ Delivery and disposal