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Veekotid ja veepudelid CamelBak water bags range from 1.5 liters to 3.0 liters and are mainly designed for cycling, hiking and other outdoor activities. CamelBak manufactures bottles, general purpose backpacks and other special equipment to facilitate military and law enforcement needs. From simple wearable reservoirs with little or no weight to large backpacks with different solutions. The assortment even includes bags with PALS straps to accommodate MOLLE equipment. CamelBak’s military water reserves are resistant to chemical and biological weapons; they are compatible with gas masks. The use of CamelBak CBR X hydration packs was approved by the United States Army in November 2015. The three-liter CBR X was approved by the Army Bureau of Military Clothing and Personal Equipment and the Army Test and Evaluation Team after testing the bags ability to resist exposure to the neurotoxin. To confirm this, the Camelbak reservoir, which had been in use for a month, was tested for six hours with a neurotoxin. It was found that the water inside was not contaminated. This is one of the many tests that have been carried out on water reserves since 2006.


Admin and Travel

The Recon series backpacks offer the same features that other Camelbak’s military administrative equipment is known for: an elegant yet durable design with obsessively detailed equipment arrangements. Quantico ™ / Coronado ™ / Urban assault The ultimate everyday backpacks. They contain everything you need to set up your equipment wherever you go, without the hassle. Special pockets for laptop, tablet and other CCW power cords. Integrated cases for water bottles and a MOLLE strap (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment), which makes it very easy to adjust the backpack with extra pockets and equipment.

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Hydration only

Water reservoirs, all of which have their own different features, include the Mil Spec Crux water bag. Mil Spec Crux water bag is made to meet the needs of the military. Above all, it means the excellent durability of these water bags, but their high water flow during drinking and the ease of refilling, thanks to the larg, easy-to-open filling cap, must not be overlooked either. The large cap makes cleaning the water bag extremely easy. Armorbak ™ – Compatible with plate carriers and other military equipment Thermobak ™ – Low profile back. This is due to the low shape of the water reservoir Saber ™ – The most minimalist solution from Camelbak Stealth ™ – Minimalistic water reserve with quick-release shoulder straps Thermobak ™ CBR X – 5gen chemical and biological resistant water bag (Not with Crux water bag) ArmorBak CamelBakThermoBak 3L CamelbakThermobak CBBRX Camelbak


Water and Equipment

Durable nylon backpacks with water reservoirs. The backpacks contain the Mil Spec Crux water reserve, which is widely used by the American military. Easy to clean and with one sip you can get more water than from similar products. The openings of the MOLLE are laser cut into the bags and the water bag is kept as low as possible to ensure the best comfort and stability. All you have to do is choose how much volume you need for carrying. BFM ™ – 47 liters, largest backpack. MotherLode ™ – 35-liter multi-day backpack. Sparta ™ – Durable 30-liter one-day mission backpack. H.A.W.G ™ – Medium-sized, durable backpack that holds a total of 20l of equipment. M.U.L.E ™ – A quick mission backpack that holds water and 8L supplies. BFM CamelBack SeljakottSparta Camelbak SeljakottMULE Camelbak Seljakott