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RedMan is the most trusted name in law enforcement training. For 35 years, their Training Gear has been the best training tool for law enforcement and law enforcement trainers. Enabling real-world training scenarios that provide an experience for all learners to this and the full extent.

RedMan collective have achieved their leading position through partnerships with law enforcement professionals, prison staff and other professionals who have consistently provided feedback on their equipment. Through this feedback, we have tested new products, changed their features and improved a number of protective features to bring the quality and performance of our suits to the best possible level. Their innovative products have mostly become what later became the industry standard.


RedMan XP – Defensive Tactics Training

Redman Training Supervisor and student configuration-focused protection tactics training (Hand-to-Hand spray-baton training) and real-world practice


RedMan WDS – Weapons Defense Suit

Redman Training gear

Tutor and student configuration-focused non-lethal training designed to develop use-of-force skills


RedMan Combatives & Tactical Gear

Redman Suit

A form designed to control and rectify a crowd (unrest). It can be used both: at work or for practice. It is the ideal solution for developing physical training and resilience through tactical scenarios.