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Sioen Ballistics

SIOEN Ballistics is a trusted partner that provides you with high-quality, lightweight modular body armor that protects the wearer from all kinds of hazards (handguns, machine guns, submachine guns, shotguns, knives, etc.).


Customer Focus

In everything Sioen Ballistics does, the customer is key. The design process is guided by motives: protection, durability, comfort and budgeting. Their ambition and vision is to understand and interpret all unique requirements for the right end result. SIOEN’s work culture is based on intensive teamwork, a great deal of commitment between companies and a focus on refining ideas. This always leads to the end result of specific and personalized systems that meet the law and the customer’s wishes. Sioen’s main advantage is their cross-sectoral 360 ° knowledge of market needs. Whether you work on land, in water, over water or in the air, in the public sector or in private services, in low or extremely high risk situations, Sioen will always produce the right solution for you.  


Covert vests   


Vests in public disappearance



Tactical vests



Hard Plate Carriers



SIOEN Ballistic:

1) Part of the financially stable Sioen Industries group.
2) Generous level of guarantee, liability and insurance.
3) Quality and innovative products:
+ Use of raw materials from the most famous top quality suppliers (DSM, DuPont, Teijin Aramid, Honeywell, Ten Cate, …);
+ Strong infrastructure (manufacturing companies worldwide)
+ In-house firing laboratories for quality control and development of armor solutions in both Belgium and Finland;
+ Long-term experience: since 1907 has been producing technical textiles, since 1964 actively P.P.E. (Personal protective equipment) and since 1984 in armor. Cross-functional use of the strengths of innovative products within different Sioen brands.

As a global player in the production of professional vests, they can rely on international and expert development, design and production knowledge.

Sioen has been producing bulletproof vests all over the world in its special production plants. Sioen has become an industry leader in both the branded and private label business segments. SIOEN has 10 production companies and the group employs more than 4,500 people. It is fair to say that Sioen has every opportunity to meet your needs. Whether it’s general protective clothing, workwear, life jackets, floating suits, dry suits, firefighters’ clothing, chainsaw protective clothing for arborists or armor, SIOEN is committed to creating and producing quality solutions while being socially and ethically responsible. More than 30 million products are currently produced each year, monitored by their highly qualified operations and quality control teams.