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Tactical clothing

Clothing is the foundation of every person’s performance. Shoes with a firm grip, clothes with excellent thermoregulation and clothes what ensures good freedom of movement are definitely points that should not be compromised on. Dressing in layers helps prevent excess sweat and maintain body temperature, whether in cold or warm climates. Tactical clothing is represented by well-known companies such as 5.11 Tactical, Haix and Carinthia, but you will certainly find many other interesting ones!

The main features that you should pay attention to when choosing clothing are:
– Freedom of movement
– Durability
– Thermoregulation
– Purpose

Choose the desired keyword and then the brand, which will take you to the primary information of the manufacturer. To get more information, we definitely recommend visiting the manufacturers’ original websites (Link available in the manufacturer’s introduction) to get to know them in depth! Alternatively, send an email directly to us via the contact form.

For your information, some tactical clothing requires an end-user certificate and foreign country’s consent (e.g. Fibrotex, which produces tools for eliminating NIR and heat signatures (masking nets and clothing).