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Revision is a solution provider specializing in ballistic and laser protective eyewear. We utilize robust design and development expertise and experience combined with significant investment in efficient high-volume manufacturing and vertical integration to drive a fundamental and powerful objective: delivering protective eyewear solutions that save lives..

Revision was founded in 2001 as an eyewear company. In 2019, when the Revision brand and eyewear business was sold to ASGARD Partners & Co and Merit Capital Partners, They were able to return to our heritage – designing, developing and manufacturing world class protective eyewear for men and women in uniform around the globe. It’s easy to say Revision is just eyewear now. But they themselves like to think we’re much more – They are Clearly Focused on Eyewear.

With focus comes innovation. Now 100% owned and operated in the USA – team is all under one roof. They’re all driving towards the same goal, more united, impassioned and dedicated than ever. Breathing new life into their culture and development efforts. Every decision and investment is made with the sole purpose of furthering the eyewear business, innovation and technology.


Reliable Ballistic Protection Built to exceed stringent U.S. and international ballistic impact requirements for use in military and tactical operations. Best antifog among competitors Tested under EN 166 standards, Revision’s OcuMax Plus is proven to last longer than competing anti-fog solutions by a factor of 10-20 times, is chemical-resistant and prevents scratches, streaks, and smears Sure protection from daylight lenses shield eyes from unexpected fragments, provide 100% protection from harmful UV-A, B and C rays, and ensure distortion-free vision for peak performance Ideal for wearing with military helmets etc. Fit seamlessly with various head systems, headborne equipment, and comms systems FT-2 Laser Blocing spectacle lenses (LazrBloc Technology) Revision’s cutting-edge single and dual-band laser protective lenses absorb laser energy across the visible spectrum and beyond (Protects against Violet, Blue and Green lasers – 405nm OD4, 445nm OD4, 532nm OD4)


ShadowStrike – Sunglasses


StingerHawk – Ballistic Spectacles


SawFly – Ballistic Spectacles


StingerHawk LazrBlock FT-2 – Ballistic Spectacles with laser blocking technology


SnowHawk Goggles – Wide Lens Protection for eyes and face


RX Carrier – For a better vision


When you’re at work or exercising, your brain is constantly working: detecting threats, making quick decisions, and moving you accordingly.
No matter where you find yourself in the situation, you use all your senses to achieve the best results.

Each ‘theatre room’ has a color scheme and lighting that defines the overall environment:

JUNGLES AND FORESTS contain lush greenery with more shadows
DESERTS are a sea of beiges and browns lit by the open sky
MOUNTAIN areas are fields of sharply lit browns and grays above the tree line
CITY areas are dominated by gray and variable light conditions
ARCTIC areas have large white and blue snow fields

Your glasses should help you in these environments, but unfortunately most safety lenses leave too much work for your eyes and brain. This eventually leads to eye strain and overall loss of attention.

In order to improve the user experience, Revision developed I-Vis lens technology. Using the help of artificial intelligence, it is possible to quickly determine the best lens color for each environment, according to the color palette and lighting conditions of that location.

The result is a lens system that allows you to experience a greater depth of color in a given environment than with the naked eye. This improved color perception enables faster detection of both static and active threats. For example, a soldier moving with a lens suitable for a gecko is more likely to notice the difference between two shades of brown to see an IED/Mine buried around moving ground. Wires and other hazards can certainly be better distinguished from the background colors. This is innovation at a new level.