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Carinthia, a Goldeck Textile brand, has been dedicated to the production of insulation materials for over 60 years, using both natural and synthetic fiber materials for the harshest weather conditions. Carinthia’s product development goal is to achieve maximum efficiency in terms of optimal heat and weight. High quality produced in Europe Produced for demanding missions As a result of long-term research and testing, Carinthia has created its own G-LOFT insulation, which is based on the properties of natural goose feathers. Most European military forces have opted for G-LOFT insulation in the form of both sleeping bags and outerwear. The products are also used by many special units and law enforcement agencies. G-LOFT offers efficient efficiency even in the harshest situations without losing the comfort you need at rest. Basic criteria for

Carinthia thermal insulation for both professional and regular users:
– highest thermal insulation
– small pack size (well compressible)
– low weight
– durability
– comfort


Bicomponent fibers:
MEMORY: The extremely fluffy and warming spiral form of G-LOFT insulation is achieved through the molecular structure of the two-component fiber.

Special fiber mixture:
Microfibers and “low melting fibers” provide permanent, fluffy G-LOFT insulation with the minimum possible size.

Natural clustering:
Similar to high-quality insulation, G-LOFT products form clusters. The air traps in countless small pockets and ensures optimal insulation.


Warm and Light
Maximum heat output with minimum weight: G-LOFT is significantly lighter and measurable at the same weight with a higher heat level / heat efficiency

Small dimensions when packed
Extremely low package / weight ratio: When packaged, air escapes from the G-LOFT insulation, which quickly unwinds again due to the MEMORY EFFECT.

Great performance in wet conditions
Unlike down feathers, G-LOFT fibers do not absorb moisture. This ensures high humidity / thermal efficiency even in wet conditions.

Easy maintenance
G-LOFT products can be machine washed in ordinary household washing machines and are therefore ideal for allergy sufferers.

Very breathable
Breathable G-LOFT products ensure ideal outdoor temperature control and an optimal sleeping climate.

Warm but very light outwear

The Tactical & Survival series leaves nothing to be desired. It is a specially developed clothing based on long-term cooperation with various special forces units. Experiences and recommendations are taken into account in cooperation with Carinthias own research and development department, and the best solutions are sold in a concentrated form.

The key to success is the unique premium G-LOFT® synthetic fiber insulation. Warm, light and breathable – even in extremely wet and cold weather. Exceptional heat / weight ratio of unrivaled in high-tech fiber. The uniqueness of G-LOFT® is at the heart of their product portfolio.


Tactical tents and bivvys

GORE-TEX® Gas Permeable Technology is a unique three-layer laminate that is absolutely waterproof and highly breathable. Unlike the usual GORE-TEX® membrane used for clothing, GORE-TEX® Gas Permeable Technology is truly well breathable. As a result, the bivy bag or tent can be completely closed, providing absolute weather protection and thus great comfort. It is good practice for the products to be waterproof up to a water column height of 10,000 mm.

On warmer nights, the flaps can be unlocked to ensure even better ventilation. The mosquito net integrated in the select products prevents access by mosquitoes and other pests. The Mosquito Net has a separate closure.

Tents of minimalist size can be easily placed under the bush, which is the most prominent feature of these tents – a small trail and minimal visual appearence. Depending on the product, there is done NIR-treatment on the one-man tents.


Clothing for any occasion

Carinthia clothing is primarily designed for professionals, which also means that the clothes are great for everyday wear. Thanks to its thermal regulation and breathability, it is comfortable to move from areas cooler-warmer-cooler without feeling discomfort. Well-thought-out solutions give you quick access to everything you have in your pocket.

The charm of multi-layered clothing lies in its adaptability. The Ultra series can be combined with other G-loft jackets or worn separately if desired. The Ultra series is the perfect intermediary to cover the colder summer evenings, the end of spring and the beginning of autumn. In winter, they can be added to regular clothing to provide extra warmth.


Rainproof Clothing

Thin, wind and waterproof hardshell material. Externally, the garments are made entirely of nylon fabric with rip-stop reinforcement, which in turn is thoroughly covered with a water-repellent treatment. Internally, nylon is covered with a two-component laminated Gore-Tex membrane. All membrane fastening seams are additionally glued.

The rainproof series products prevent the passage of wind, and at the same time do not cause sweating; Ventilation openings can be used for during more intensive movement. Very high overall quality.


Sleeping bags

Carinthia sleeping bags regularly receive prizes from recognized magazines. Sleeping bags are special thanks to the excellent insulation to weight ratio. G-LOFT® insulation fibers are unbeatable in terms of airiness, thermal insulation and weight. The selection starts with light summer sleeping bags and extends to expedition sleeping bags that keep you warm even in the most unfavorable conditions.


For Hunters

Hunters take care of the animal population in many ways: to protect the species and to improve their living conditions. The challenges are wide-ranging and include ensuring the living conditions of the animal population and conserving biodiversity.

Loden is a natural product with long traditions and excellent wearing comfort. Originally created by farmers in the Alpine region to cope with extreme weather conditions, it is increasingly refined and adapted for today. Production methods have not changed drastically in the last hundred years. The difference is in the use of the most modern machines and the latest technology.

CARINTHIA uses only high-quality South Tyrol loden, which has been proven for hundreds of years. They rely on high-quality raw materials and refine our products in the well-known CARINTHIA way.