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HOERNECKE – Your OC specialist with over 30 years of experience. Not every pepperspray is the same. That’s why it’s important to know if a manufacturer has recently entered the market or has many years of experience. For example, Hoernecke is a family business with its own laboratory and production line under constant scientific supervision in Germany.

TW1000 HOERNECKE pepper gases contain natural pepper extract Oleoresin Capsicum (OC). The active ingredient is extracted from the sharpest chilli peppers and causes immediate irritation to the eyes and respiratory system, which in turn makes the attacker powerless. Used properly, TW1000 OC products do not have any side effects. (Pava) Protection against animals on what you can rely on With TW1000 sprays you are always protected against attacks by dogs and other dangerous animals. Offensive people can also be subdued in countries where the law allows it (France, Switzerland, Estonia).



Changing laws and the required product specifications. Hoernecke works closely with government agencies and security organizations to respond immediately to changing laws. Able to offer products that are effective and approved for professional use. Therefore, an impressive number of practical and effective solutions have been developed. Introducing the pioneering TW1000 RSG-4, HOERNECKE has targeted smaller, high-performance equipment and has become one of the leading manufacturers of police and military subduing equipment. The development of the TW1000 RSG-6 further raised the bar for professionalism, ergonomics and functionality. Upon request, all products can be equipped with customized features and labels.


HOERNECKE tests ensure that the technical instructions for irritant spray equipment are followed in all classes, including the required operating temperatures, as well as efficiency and range. HOERNECKE’s quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015. HOERNECKE’s environmental management is certified according to ISO 14001: 2015.


Safety is not achieved without proper training. Comprehensive instructor training is provided to ensure reliable safety. In the training, users practice the correct use of different spray systems with special non-irritating training equipment, inert ingredients and proper spraying behavior. As a reliable supplier of public authorities, we are always ready to assist with technical issues and other issues related to product development.


TW1000 RSG-2

This handy spray device is ideal for carrying under the jacket or in your pocket. The durable housing with clamp is always at hand and ensures reliable handling for police and security personnel.

There is an opening at the bottom of the device so that the contents and expiration date are easily visible. Spray cartridges contain OC pepper extract. The contents are sufficient for up to 12 sprays with a press time of 0.5 seconds.

With one quick motion, your RSG-2 is ready to launch a precise ballistic fluid flow. Other agents or compositions, such as PAVA, CN or CS irritants, are available if desired.


TW1000 RSG-4

True “power” with many functional elements. Thanks to the durable ABS plastic, the housing is impact-resistant and almost indestructible. The clip is attached to the base plate and can be adjusted for right- or left-handed use. Thanks to the spring steel clip, the user can remove the device from the carrying position of the device with one quick movement and allow it to be ready for spraying in an instant. Thanks to the spring-loaded cover, which automatically lowers and hides the large shutter button, the device is completely safe to use. The handle is open at the bottom so that the contents and expiration date are clearly visible.

Quick and easy-to-replace spray cartridges are refilled with our current OC pepper extract. The contents last up to 14 half-seconds, ensuring an accurate ballistic flow every time. Also available with CN, CS or PAVA agents.


TW1000 RSG-5

Handy. Safe. Reliable. Carry it concealed in your pocket or body – high quality pepper spray RSG-5. Select Active Ingredient: OC, PAVA, CN or CS. The contents last up to 22 sprays, each 0.5 seconds long. In one go, your RSG-5 is ready to launch a precise ballistic fluid flow.

Spray in any position.
The RSG-5 is optionally available with 45 ml Hoernecke RSG-6 Allround® cartridges. This special technology allows you to spray 360 ° in any direction from any position – even upside down.


TW1000 RSG-6

Innovative pepper spray for all police missions, where greater ease of use and even better capabilities are essential. Now with a new first-use indicator that shows if the cartridge is fully charged or has already been used. The ergonomic strong sheath is worn on a strong belt clip, which can be adjusted for right- or left-handed use and is attached to the base plate. RSG-6 is available with an exclusive special anti-slip coating.

Your RSG-6 is quickly ready to launch a precise ballistic fluid flow. The contents last up to 22 sprays in 0.5 second increments. Replaceable spray cartridges are available for your RSG-6 that can be replaced quickly and safely thanks to replacement protection. Inert cartridges are available for training with the RSG-6. Different colored spray heads and containers eliminate the risk of replacement.


TW1000 RSG-8

For police and peacekeeping missions. The OCG-8 sprayer with OC pepper technology is the ideal protection system for professional use, even against large crowds during demonstrations.

The RSG8 is worn in the thigh pouch. 400 milliliters of OC pepper solution guarantees maximum spraying capacity in a reliable range of up to 7 meters. RSG-8 meets maximum safety standards for unambiguous spray direction, durable pressure vessel and assured functionality from -30 ° C to +50 ° C.

Optical first use indicator When activated, the indicator automatically shows whether the device has already been used.



TW1000 RWG-10/1 portable irritant system with the ability to shoot very far and high volume for professional use for large crowds and riot control (CRC). The compact device has an ergonomic shape that is worn on the back. The spray gun can be worn on the right or left side.

The high-quality 10-liter carbon fiber tank can be easily and safely refilled. The easy-to-use pistol tip is secured against accidental starting. The adjustable nozzle system allows two different spraying operations: a powerful long jet for outdoor conditions and a more comprehensive spray jet for shorter distances and indoors. The content is enough for about 20 bursts.

The low, constant operating pressure ensures reliable operation and operation of the RWG-10/1. The special vortex technology uses the flow behavior of liquid and gas mixtures, originally developed in the rocket industry, to create a very powerful long-range jet that covers a much larger area than a conventional water jet. Combined with the latest HOERNECKE OC pepper technology, the RWG-10/1 combines maximum performance with reliable operation.


First Aid

If pepper spray is to be used, we recommend that first aid be given to the victim as follows. As an effective immediate measure, we recommend our first aid spray TW1000 EHS-02, which can be used to relieve eye and skin irritation.