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Avon Protection

Avon Protection is recognized globally as a leader in respiratory and ballistic protection systems, providing life-critical solutions to military personnel and first responders worldwide.

As a provider of innovative solutions, Avon Protection understands the unique requirements of the modern soldier and tactical operator. The depth of their specialization and industry understanding ensures that products are designed to protect users in the most extreme environments.

Avon Protection has been delivering protective solutions to the UK Ministry of Defence and other allies since 1920. As the primary supplier of integrated protective equipment to NATO and the United States, they supply defense forces, navies, air forces, and special operations units.

Avon Protection’s solutions are at the forefront of numerous national defense and tactical strategies. Leveraging their military roots, they have introduced proven protective solutions for First Responders that meet the complex needs of tactical operators. Their commitment to meeting the evolving needs of tactical operators in defense development has positioned Avon Protection as a global market leader among law enforcement agencies and SWAT teams.


FM54, Maximum Protection, Complete Flexibility.

Avon’s latest air-purifying respirator, the FM54, offers maximum protection for the eyes, face, and respiratory system against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats (including toxic industrial materials and chemicals). The mask provides flexibility in usage according to task changes.

The FM54 operates under both positive and negative pressure (APR, SCBA, CCBA, and PAPR). Switching between the two options can be done using the Variable Resistance Exhalation Unit (VREU) lever without removing the Voice Projection Unit (VPU), maintaining protective capabilities.

Multi Role Rebreather – For Divers

Avon Protection offers the world’s most advanced underwater life support device for military divers. The Avon Multi Role Rebreather aims to ensure diver safety, usability, and functionality.

The MCM100 is Avon Protection’s state-of-the-art electronically controlled closed-circuit, mixed-gas military rebreather. Developed in collaboration with the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and the Royal Norwegian Navy, the MCM100 is designed to excel in both shallow and deep-sea missions. It is optimized for explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), mine countermeasures (MCM), and special operations diving tasks.

The market-leading MCM100 provides true multi-role military rebreathing capability, incorporating cutting-edge technology and innovative operational features to significantly enhance diver safety and extend mission duration.

Avon Protection’s Viking Z Seven SCBA

Designed with the needs of firefighters and heavy-duty industrial work in mind. Fire-resistant straps, an alarm system, and many other features adhere to strict NFPA Standards 1981, 2007, including a heads-up display and CBRN protection. The Viking Z Seven includes communication capabilities, voice amplification, and the patented AirSwitch technology built into the mask.

Avon NH15™ CBRN – Rapid Emergency Solution

The air-purifying respirator is the smallest and most compact evacuation protection on the market with NIOSH and CE certification. Its low cost makes it ideal for police, emergency medical services, and firefighters seeking quick respiratory protection in CBRN scenarios.

The NH15™ hood has a five-year shelf life and ensures highly secure respiratory, eye, and face protection for at least fifteen minutes. Made of transparent material, the NH15™ not only guards against all airborne CBRN threats but also protects the face from splashes of hazardous liquids.

The clear material provides a non-threatening appearance, aiding recognition of the wearer and allowing for visual communication. Two unique low-profile filters contain the latest filtration system, enhancing respiratory confidence, and an additional front reflector makes identifying colleagues in low-light conditions very easy.



Core Intelligent Undersuit

Military personnel worldwide understand the injuries and their impact on both training and operations due to non-freezing cold injuries. The trend of recognizing hazards in the diving sphere is on the rise, especially with the introduction of underwater propulsion devices for divers.

Avon Protection’s Core Intelligent Undersuit is a heated undersuit specifically designed to combat these issues. Whether in the air, on land, or at sea, it is created to protect the diver and enhance operational efficiency.

Powered by a 7-volt battery, the undersuit has a unique ability to provide controlled heating. User body temperature regulation occurs continuously based on key heating zones (torso, hands, and feet) at all times.

Compatible with both wet and dry diving suit systems or can be used as an undergarment for surface activities (small boat operations, etc.).

Avon Protection core intelligent undersuit