Armadillo Merino

2011. Andy looked at pictures of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with avoidable burns and injuries from clothing. Desiring to prevent these preventable injuries, he founded Armadillo Merino®. Clothes that don’t melt, drip or smell when burning and are comfortable, keep you warm in the cold, and help cool down in warm weather. This is what Armadillo Merino® does and is proud of. Clothing designed for tactical operators, professionals and demanding users in the most extreme environments. Armadillo Merino has traveled the world and has been worn by professionals who operate in the world’s highest risk environment. These customers keep coming back saying they love Armadillo Merino®. Professionals demand a lot from their clothing set and Armadillo Merino does everything to provide them with the quality they want.

The first choice for workers working in extreme conditions.

Firefighters experience a lot of stress in their daily work. Personal protective equipment plays one of the biggest roles in increasing safety and thereby minimizing stress. A great deal of research has been done to develop outer layers of clothing, but not much effort has been put into skin-like layers as part of the system.

“The anti-skin coat of the rescue worker must optimize the necessary heat protection during a live fire, while improving thermoregulation for non-live fire challenges to minimize physiological stress on the body and provide comfort. Armadillo Merino designs and manufactures the most advanced leather layers in the world. They increase the capacity, health, safety and comfort of the wearer.

Armadillo Merino® fabrics do not melt or drip and offer natural fire resistance up to 600 * C; does not generate static electricity, high UVA & UVB protection and have very effective thermoregulation in both hot and cold conditions. Sweat separation can be handled in both gaseous and liquid forms, keeping the wearer comfortable and preventing unpleasant odors, while maintaining a stable body temperature. Merino wool is one of nature’s most capable fibers. All Armadillo Merino clothes are made of wool from New Zealand and have the highest strength and softness.

Why choose Armadillo Merino?

+ Natural fire resistance up to 600 * C
+ Does not melt, shrink or adhere to the skin at high temperatures
+ No toxic odor on combustion
+ One of the highest natural UVP factors provides protection from the sun’s rays
+ High acid resistance
+ Better protection against chemicals and aerosols than synthetic materials
+ Thermoregulates the skin, reduces overheating and freezing.
+ Moisture Conductive – Regulates the skin’s moisture release by reducing it
+ Naturally antibacterial – does not infect wounds
+ Does not cause an unpleasant odor even after prolonged wear
+ Soft, yet extremely strong and durable
+ Sustainable – the material is “renewable” and biodegradable
+ Easy to dry and machine washable.