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FirstSpear started 2010 with industry innovation. FirstSpear was founded by a team of experienced industry professionals and former U.S. military personnel with a mandate to change industry paradigms and the highest level of defense. FirstSpear uses a methodology that integrates evolutionary design with advanced material components, ensuring better performance and efficiency across multiple platforms. FirstSpear is dedicated to those who are willing to sacrifice to preserve our heritage and secure our future. Currently, the most common attachment method for body armor on the market is the textile buckle on the front of the vest belt. However, this can lead to a number of performance failures. The textile lock adds weight and weight, it creates sound and wears out quickly. It also traps water, mud and snow. From a safety point of view, the textile buckle fastening allows the additional protection on the belt (eg side panels) to move from where they should be to ensure maximum safety. Most of the vests can be fastened by a use of variety of cords as a release system. They are braided through intricate channels and which, when placed correctly, are cumbersome, heavy, inconvenient and difficult to reinstall. However, incorrect installation can have catastrophic consequences.


Top solutions:

Quick Release / Quick Release

FirstSpear’s Tubes solution is the answer to all these problems. Quick-attach and even faster-opening Tubes TM fasteners are made of lightweight and durable polymer. They utperform other molded fasteners currently used in the production of tactical equipment. Cast in modest colors and with many different activation options, the fastening system is easy to move and can only be assembled in SECONDS.


Cell Tag technology

FirstSpear was the first to develop a unique and effective way to differentiate between passive and thermal cameras and night vision devices. By applying the latest reflective tapes, precision cutting and joining processes they are able to offer next gen identification mark. It can be adjusted as desired using illuminated reflective tape, passive NIR or thermal tape. The three can also be combined according to the customer’s wishes.


MultiMag Rapid-Adjust ™ Pocket

+ Precisely adjustable mounting + Holds a wide range of trays and other items of similar size + Integrated Boa® Fit system + Extremely light – weighs just over 56 grams With patented adjustment hardware, the operator can quickly adjust their pocket. Thanks to its adaptability, it can accommodate a wide range of firearm trays and other items of similar size. The MultiMag Rapid-Adjust Pocket can be used immediately without the need for spacers. The Boa® system allows the pocket to be adjusted precisely to suit your needs. If you want to use this gun as a tray holder, we recommend adding the ‘Speed Reload Insert, which can be used to adjust the height of the tray in the pouch, and the’ Speed tab kit ‘, which also works great inside the mud and can be opened from both directions. MultiMag Rapid Adjust Firstspear salvetasku