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Magnification – how much closer the target appears. If the scope’s magnification is 8x, it means that you can see the target eight times closer than with the naked eye. If you use your rifle mainly for target shooting (up to 100 m) or for homestead protection, it would be wise to opt for a 1 to 4x magnification. For shooting (up to 200 m) or hunting in the forest, increase by 5-8x. Deserts and long open fields would need 9-12x magnification.

Lens – which is located further from the eye at the end of the scope and is responsible for the transmission of light. In general, the larger the lens, the brighter and clearer your image will be. A scope with an overpowered lens becomes a negative feature thanks to its extra weight and the light reflected back from it

The first focal plane (FFP) changes the size of your reticle as you change the magnification.

The size of the second focal plane (SFP) reticle remains the same no matter what magnification you use.

The higher the recoil, the more eye relief you need. Keep a distance of at least 7-10 cm.