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The Three Laws of Busch PROtective

If you were to ask, what are the three core values that shaped them as a company, it would be:

Busch Protective believes in what they do because their mission is to make the world safer. They Innovate because of the need to offer customers protection that breaks through the existing restrictions, which bring the customer’s capabilities to a higher level. They keep their customers close because from them they are able to get the best relevant information. Clients are treated as real people facing a threat. Busch Protective wishes them to have a safe return home. This is the prerogative of Busch Protective.

With their slogan PROTECT WHAT MATTERS, a clear statement is made. Everyone has something they value highly. Busch Protective offers you head protection systems to protect what’s really important to you.



AMP 1E is their standard level of protection meeting backface performance testing, climatic conditioning, blunt impact with backface limited to under 15mm on average over the various conditioning methods. AMP 1TP Is true ballistic helmet with no bullet penatration and an average backface deformation of less than 4 mm/0.156 in. Modular and comfortable. Total protection of your head during Close Quarter Combat operations.

Busch Protective kiiver Ballistiline kaitsekiiver

  • High Performance Ballistic Helmet – More advanced additional testing than the standard NIJ IIIA+ to demonstrate the purebred nature of Busch’s ballistic helmets.
  • Modularity – picatinny rail system on both sides for accessories like cameras, flashlights, etc.
  • Speed – Speed Connect System – SCS – makes it easy to attach visors with one click.
  • Customization – NVG cover and Velcro kit (optional) to accommodate accessories and customize the helmet for the mission.
  • Comfort – Removable cushioning and comfort pads, 4-point harness, adjustable with a wheel: all together ensure a perfect fit, resulting in excellent comfort.
  • Practicality – the one size fits all principle supports the use of multiple shifts.



ATR 1 is one platform for a wide range of uses. Its modularity and task-specific adaptability make this helmet the best choice for fire and emergency services – no matter what scenario they face.

ATR Pääste kiiver Busch Protective

  • Protection – high puncture and impact protection thanks to the unique thermo-reactive helmet shell
  • Unparalleled Fit – Three body sizes for optimal size 48-66 cm/19-26 inches.
  • Modularity – the rail system and integrated NVG mount offer a wide range of options in terms of accessories.
  • Visibility – Reflective areas for excellent visibility in the most extreme conditions
  • Integration – Numerous accessories allow the helmet system to be customized according to the user’s needs and scenarios.
  • Comfort – impact cushioning system, 4-point harness and low weight (max 750 g)



AMR 1 E+ is a high-end helmet with remarkable blunt impact and penetration protection. Modular and safe. Protects the head in a dynamic environment, from riot & crowd protection to corrections and cell extraction.

Busch Protective Anti Riot Mässuvastane kaitsekiiver Vanglatele

  • Defense –  Imapct management acc. to EN 397 (shock & penetration), Penetration acc. to Czech Norm CSN 395360 Helmet & visor: TON3 (blade) & Neck Guard: TON1 (impacter)
  • Strength – Special helmet coating to protect against fire and chemicals
  • Modularity – consists of a helmet shell, mounting and suspension, visor, lower jaw, neck guard and other accessories.
  • Adaptability – Removable neck guards and visor protect against rocks, sharp objects, flames and more.
  • Additional protection – visor liquid protection and channeled drainage for protection against biological and flammable liquids
  • Functionality – Rail on both sides with picatinny system for accessories such as cameras, flashlights, etc. Rails with integrated slots for mandible and/or breathing mask.


Specifications for Busch PROtective helmets

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