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Military Optics

In the military optics section, you can find red dot sights, binoculars, night vision devices (ÖVS/NVD) and cameras, the common feature of the manufacturers is rigorous product testing and care for their customers. We believe in reliable tools that won’t let users down at a critical moment. In particular, the target group is end users working in the defense forces and the police, who need better durability and higher performance. In the same way, a normal user can also enjoy these benefits. Among the world’s most famous brands are Aimpoint, Steiner and L3Harris.

The main indicators that should be taken into account when choosing military optics are:

  • Magnification
  • Lens quality
  • Viewing angle width
  • Durability

Tactical optics and military observation optics are critical optical instruments for the military and police. Military optical instruments must be reliable and durable to withstand use in harsh environments. Long-range vision equipment such as binoculars and tactical rangefinders play an important role in identifying targets.

In addition, military and police standard optical instruments can also be useful for civilian users, such as hunters and sports shooters, who appreciate greater accuracy and durability – You don’t always have to worry if the weapon with the optics is dropped or receives a stronger impact.

Please remember that some products require an end-user certificate and the consent of a foreign country for use in Estonia. This statement applies primarily to systems that are designed strictly for military or national defense purposes.

Choose the desired keyword and then the brand, which will take you to the primary information of the manufacturer. To get more information, we definitely recommend visiting the original websites of the manufacturers (the link is in the manufacturer’s introduction) to get to know them in depth! Alternatively, email us directly via the contact form.