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Battlefield illumination and smoke

Battlefield lighting is a technology that improves the visibility of military forces operating in difficult low-light conditions. Modern armies use a variety of solutions and munitions to create artificial light.

Military lighting solutions are essential for both day and night operations and include a variety of tactical lighting devices designed to meet military needs and requirements. An important part of battlefield lighting is also soldier’s training and preparation for different lighting conditions. Soldiers must be able to operate in a variety of light conditions, be it clear during the day or in the dark and dim at night. Therefore, battlefield lighting also includes training and equipping soldiers with night vision and the skills to use different light sources and concealment techniques as needed.

In addition to lighting equipment, it is also important to use military smoke devices. Such are smoke grenades and smoke cover devices, which allow to hide the movement of the army and create confusion for the enemy. A tactical flare is also an important equipment solution that allows providing important information and identifying friendly forces on the battlefield.

Smoke cover is used to conceal the movement or location of military units such as infantry, tanks, aircraft, or ships. A smoke screen is usually used either by a combatant (eg a grenade) or a vehicle (eg a tank or warship).

While smoke screens were originally used to hide movement from the view of enemies, modern technology has opened up new possibilities. The smoke screen can hide both the infrared and visible light spectrums to inhibit the operation of infrared sensors.

Lighting and cloaking solutions play an important role in military operations, helping to improve the effectiveness and safety of the military in various environments and conditions.