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Explorer Cases

GT LINE Srl, based in Bologna, Italy, is Europe’s leading manufacturer of technical enclosures. They have been internationally recognized and valued since 1970 as the most reliable container on the market. Explorer Cases is a complete range of indestructible waterproof boxes: The ideal solution to meet the needs of the most demanding users, even in the most extreme conditions. Thousands of professionals around the world trust and rely on their Explorer enclosures to protect their most valuable tools and equipment while traveling. Explorer suitcases have also found their place in the Defense Forces. Maritime and aviation – for the transport of electronic, medical or military equipment, for the protection of state-of-the-art photographic equipment, for the safe storage of technical and sports equipment.

Explorer cases are 100% made in Italy and are the most recognized waterproof suitcases on the market. Each year, Explorer delivers over a hundred thousand suitcases to transport the most demanding equipment for the most demanding missions. All Explorer cases are waterproof, sand and dust resistant and can withstand high physical loads and any environment. The cases are certified to withstand temperatures between -33 and 90 ° C and are therefore ideal aids for transporting sensitive equipment such as electronics, satellite systems, gps, computers, etc.

Explorer cases come in more than 27 different sizes , from very small to large. The suitcases are also available in three different colors: black, orange, military green. (Long suitcases are also available in sand – Sand) Suitcases can also be selected with or without internal foam cubes, which the user can place according to their requirements. There are many waterproof boxes on the market, but only the Explorer boxes come with a guarantee of ideal proximity. In addition, Explorer has the most innovative patents in its field. For best overview klick HERE


Explorer Cases offers different options for storing your equipment.

+ Small empty shockproof cases
+ Polypropylene shockproof cases
+ Impact resistant cases for cameras and other small intruments
+ Durable cases for guns


+ Soft cases for transporting audio equipment
+ Big waterproof hardcases for storing and transportation
+ Indestructible cases for professional applications
+ Waterproof cases for technical instruments


+ High impact resistant cases 
+ Fully crushproof cases
+ IP67 water and dust proof hard cases
+ Hard cases that are resistant to chemicals, water and dust 


+ Large cases with handles and wheels for transporting goods
+ Mobile armory cases
+ Longest cases for rifles that there are
+ Light camera transportation cases
+ Waterproof containers with extractable drawers