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For over 35 years, Steiner eOptics (formerly Laser Devices, Inc.) has specialized in weapon aiming solutions that incorporate advanced laser-based technology to significantly improve shooting accuracy. Made in the USA, eOptics products allow for more accurate target acquisition and provide each user with greater confidence and safety when firing a weapon.

Founded in 1979, the company was the first company to install targeting lasers on small arms. Today, Steiner eOptics is a technology leader in electro-optical laser sighting equipment and tactical lighting equipment for the military and law enforcement arena. Steiner eOptics products are used every day to protect freedom even in the harshest conditions. Whoever chooses eOptika products does so because of their commitment, durability, reliability and performance. Users of Steiner eOptics know that their lasers and lights are up to the task in the harshest environments.

From the first Helium-Neon (He-Ne) plasma tube laser to the US Army’s choice DBAL-A2 and some of the brightest tactical IR illuminators available today, the company’s primary goal is to provide innovative, state-of-the-art solutions that make warfighters the best in the business .


As a technology leader, Steiner eOptics was the first to produce:

+ Dual beam laser module
+ Modular aiming laser for a firearm
+ Laser diode alignment mechanism
+ Universal laser
+ Shock absorbing flashlight bulb and reflector
+ Laser sight assembly
+ Improved thumb switch for tactical weapon aiming lights
+ HT mount with quick release


Steiner eOptics products are manufactured in our 34,000 square foot facility located on the scenic Central Coast of Monterey, California, USA. Quality, technology and expertise are integral to their manufacturing process and products continue to deliver the superior performance and reliability that end users have always come to expect from Steiner eOptics.


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TOR Mini IR (for pistol) – The infrared laser can be used with a night vision device for pinpoint accuracy at night or in the complete absence of light
TOR Mini (for pistol) – Green (520 nm) laser. Works in extreme cold weather.
TOR Fusion (for pistol) – Green (520 nm) laser with white light + strobe. Works in extreme cold weather.
DBAL-A3 (for rifle) – Adjustable infrared illuminator for better illumination at longer ranges. Two activation switches and high/low power modes.
OTAL-C IR (for Rifle) – ”Offset: Tactical Aiming Laser” The IR has a low profile infrared laser. For aiming at a distance of 250 meters.
DBAL-D2 (for rifle) – significantly improves night vision performance, allowing illumination beyond 1000 m. (IR +Green laser)



CQT – Close Quarters Thermal is a transparent thermal sight with Clear View Thermal technology that gives a direct view of the real world.
Nighthunter C35 – A thermal device that can be attached to the front of a standard scope with an excellent image and reliability.
Nighthunter H35 – Handheld thermal device with excellent image and reliability
Nighthunter S35 – Thermal device attached to the weapon (does not require an additional scope)


  • Man: 1800 m
  • Vehicle: 4400 m
  • Deer: 3200 m
  • Coyote: 2000 m

  • Man: 450 m
  • Vehicle: 1100 m
  • Deer: 825 m
  • Coyote: 500 m

  • Man: 225 m
  • Vehicle: 550 m
  • Deer: 400 m
  • Coyote: 250 m