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In 2013, Breakthrough Clean Technologies released its flagship product, Breakthrough® Military-Grade Solvent. The goal was to provide a more effective, odorless and user-safe cleaning solvent that would perform well in removing carbon. Through Breakthrough® Clean’s continued commitment to cutting-edge research and processes, they now offer a gun maintenance system.

Breakthrough Clean solvents remove more contaminants than other known gun cleaners, and their lubricants easily withstand extreme temperatures (wont gum). All this reduces the frequency of cleaning, which is necessary to extend the life of the firearm. Breakthrough® Clean is the choice for gun owners who will only settle for the best when it comes to maintaining their firearms, bows, knives and fishing reels.  


Gun cleaning kits

The cleaning kits contain everything you need to thoroughly clean your pistol, rifle or shotgun. The cleaning kits are housed in a sleek, durable zippered carry bag or box with a clear plastic lid, so all supplies are protected and neatly organized. The cleaning kits come with small oil and solvent dispensers, Phosphorus Bronze brushes and other cleaning accessories to remove dirt, grime and contamination. The kits are designed to clean most types of handguns, rifles and shotguns and contain everything you need to keep your gun clean. They are ideal in shooting range for quick clean or gun maintenance at home.

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A high-quality solvent is a multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser that removes oil, grease and carbon build-up from guns. There are no unpleasant fumes and they do not stain the wood, plastic or polymers of your gun. Clean your guns easily while reducing the frequency required between cleanings. Spray bottles in different sizes are a quick maintenance solution for removing carbon deposits from your gun without leaving any nasty residue. Premium solvent gun cleaner combined with gun oils will keep your guns in top condition. Solvents have a high flash point and do not freeze, so you can always pack them with other firearm accessories. The solvent is safe for wood, plastic, polymers, Cerakote and hydroprinting. Other uses are: knives, fishing reels, brakes and cars, boats and marine vehicles and other tools that need to be clean.

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Lubricating oil protects your firearms from corrosion, wear and tear. It works on handguns and rifles, making it a versatile addition to your gun cleaning supplies. Gun oil should operate from -90°F to 450°F, providing optimal performance in a variety of conditions. The unique properties of BreakThrough Clean Technologies oils ensure that they don’t foam during use, which in turn prevents rust from building up on the firearm. BreakThrough Clean lubricants offer the ultimate in protection from the elements.

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