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Typhoon International

Typhoon International Military equipment eqqus Ltd


Typhoon International has been an innovator in providing personal protection from the elements since 1947. They have a reputation as a manufacturer of exceptional quality marine products – including dry suits, wetsuits, diving suits, buoyancy aids and much more.

Today, Typhoon is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of drysuits. The beginning of their dry suit dates back to 1976 when the first lightweight dry suit was developed, followed in 1992 by the Clotex dry suit. Typhoon continues to innovate in its field, while developments in fabric technology, product design and new components keep the range of suits at a high level. At the forefront of design and evolution. Typhoon products can also be found as a key player in the recreational water sports market, specially designed for a wide range of water based activities – diving, sailing, surfing, kayaking, SUP and everyday beach users.


Alongside Typhoon’s pedigree within the leisure water sports market, our leading range of commercial products have been supplied to many organisations working in or near the water, both within the UK and worldwide. These include defence, water and environmental organisations, coastguards, fire brigades, police services, wind farms, local authorities, and search & rescue organisations. In addition to maintaining appropriate approvals, all our products are continuously checked throughout the production process, including relevant performance tests before they leave the factory. Typhoon’s head office in Redcar provides a full after sales service which also includes repairs and servicing


The first choice for specialized military units worldwide

Typhoon currently supplies a unique range of military products to operators within all areas of amphibious operations around the world. This includes elite sof and police units. By utilising their expertise they can offer a wide range of the off shelf and bespoke products. Within the portfolio a large catalogue of nato stock products already exist, however the design team is on hand to tailor equipment to meet individual requirements. This could simply be moving the position of a pocket on a drysuit, modifying a product to include anti magnetic properties or designing a bespoke dry bag from the ground up, which could be unique to an individual or unit. Their extensive range is manufactured to meet the requirements of ISO 90001 criteria  


Pyriad Assulter Dry-Suit

Pyrad assulter eqqus kuivülikond militaar

GORE-TEX® PYRAD® Fabric forms a stable char to protect the user. After heat or flame exposure the fabric will self extinguish and no hole formation or break open due to the GORE® PYRAD® Fabric technology.  


Waterspider Boot

Typhoon Waterspider Boot eqqus Ltd OÜ sukeldumis jalanõud

This boot is designed in line with the needs of SOF around the world. The resulting footwear is excellent for MCT units, anti-piracy and underwater operations operators.