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Hizir Katmerciler

Katmerciler was founded in 1985 on the principle of “customer satisfaction” and has built its entire structure on this concept. It is a company with the widest range of products in its sector, producing nearly 30 different solutions, all of which have quality certificates. In addition, vehicles and transport equipment for the defense industry, fire fighting, construction sector are offered. On request, the design and production of special products is carried out..


Katmerciler is

In the “ISO500” list, where the largest companies in Turkey are located.
In the “TİM1000” list, where the largest exporters are located
In the “EBSO100” list, where the largest companies of the Aegean region are located.

Katmerciler’s shares have been traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange since 2010, and the company exports products to more than 60 countries. Katmerciler, with its strong research and development center and innovative approaches, is innovative and also offers customized solutions for various requirements from production to after-sales service.



+ Understanding products based on Customer satisfaction.
+ End-user sales and after-sales support.
+ Product awareness in technology development.
+ A conscious approach to environment and people.
+ To gain strength from the determination and support from the employees
+ Striving to achieve the best success for their country, customers, employees, business partners and shareholders.
+ The company has chosen as its mission to continue to be the leader in its sector, expanding both in domestic and foreign markets.



T.O.M.A (Riot Control Vehicle – RCV)

  • Water tank size: 6000 or 9000 L
  • Foam tank size: 80 L
  • Paint tank size: 60 L
  • Gas tank size: 60 L
  • Engine: Perkins
  • Pump: Katmerciler
  • Cameras: Katmerciler
  • Ballistic protection: BR6

The complete system includes: Body with ballistic protection, glass with ballistic protection, grille protection in front of the windows, front plow/bulldozer, positive pressure in the cabin, nozzle systems under and on top of the machine, fire extinguishing system on the outside of the machine, front and rear camera systems (NVD), sirens, horn, ability to drive on empty tires.


KIRAC (New Generation Criminal Investigation Vehicle)

  • Total length – 7550 mm
  • Total width – 2550 mm
  • Height – 3400 mm
  • Wheelbase – 3500 mm
  • Capacity – 6 workers +
  • Independent suspension
  • Air brakes
  • Diesel


The KIRAÇ new generation criminal investigation vehicle has a unique design that can be configured as an armored personnel carrier, command vehicle and internal security vehicle. According to one possible configuration, it can accommodate a maximum of 27+1+1 people. The machine has a completely independent suspension system and 4×4 drive with automatic transmission to ensure excellent mobility in all terrain and weather conditions. The additional carrying capacity of KATMERCİLER’s 4×4 KIRAÇ vehicle platform allows for the addition of different levels of ballistic protection and the use of several different mission-required solutions.


Koruma Kalkani (Riot Control Shield)

Koruma Kalkani tõstukile kinnitatav ballistiline kaitse

  • Speakers to give instructions
  • Lighting system
  • Wide angle cameras
  • Possible to add ballistic protection
  • Special solutions according to the customer’s request


This forklift-mounted shield can hide up to 36 law enforcement officers behind it. The shield has special openings for shooting in the front, which are intended for direct firing of non-lethal weapons. Shield has a hinge so that the module can be raised to a height of up to 3 meters, it can also be used as a door to protect rapid response forces until they arrive at their destination. When moving  on rougher terrains, the shield absorbs shocks and can aditionally be left unmanned on the terrain (as a barrier).


A wide selection of different machines

To see the complete fleet of machines, please visit Katmerciler’s website by clicking HERE.

  • Defense industry
  • Fire fighting machines
  • Environmental trucks
  • Transporters
  • Special machines
  • Construction machinery