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In the Holsters section you will find Radar 1957 holsters designed and manufactured in Italy. We are their official importer to Estonia, because we appreciate their quality and the abundance of different options. In particular, the target group is end users working in the Defense Forces and the Police, who need excellent durability and have special requirements for them. In the same way, a normal user can also enjoy these benefits.

– For left-handed people
– For right-handed people
– Hidden
– Kydex holsters
– With different levels of protection

Please remember that due to the capabilities and features of so many different holsters, we are not able to keep them all in stock, and we mostly fill orders starting with 5+ holsters. For more information, we definitely recommend visiting the Radar1957 website (Link available in the manufacturer’s introduction) to learn more! Alternatively, send an email directly to us via the contact form.