Titan Technology


TITAN Technology GmbH is a Taiwanese manufacturer of special cooling solutions for inverters, endoscope cameras, personal computers and laptops, as well as various other solutions. The German office has been operating since 1997 and supplies a large number of business clients across Europe. Due to the constant changes in competition and the quality of products and services, they aim to provide both business customers and end users quickly and professionally  Camera for inspecting buildings and sanitary facilities In the sanitary sector and construction, they are also used for operational or visual inspections of cavities that are extremely difficult to access. + Titan TTS-S08-6.0W – 2 or 4-way video endoscope + Titan TTS-08-8.5HW 4W – Video endoscope camera with 8mm head and glass fiber. 1 million pixels Endoscope for checking pipes and tanks Tank and pipe cameras are generally used wherever tanks and larger tubes need to be inspected regularly. Repairs or defects in pipes, sewers, chimneys or other narrow passages can be easily observed with the camera and defects or blockages can be easily documented. The localization of each problem is monitored on the LC monitor. Such a camera is an important tool in areas where people have poor or no vision. + Titan TTS-S06-25.0 20M – 20m Pipeline Surveillance Camera Industrial Cameras Titan Technology industrial endoscope gives you a new insight into the internal workings of machines and other similar systems. The endoscope is an ideal tool for maintenance and repair. Thanks to its flexible guidance, low weight and excellent optics, you can use the endoscope to identify weaknesses and problem areas very easily and early, so you can take targeted preventive measures without the need for complicated disassembly. + Titan TTS-NP2.0 4W – 2mm Head Video Endoscope + Titan TTS-NP3.0 (S) 2W – Video Endoscope Latar Camera + Titan TTS-S08-2.8 2W – 2-way or 4-way video endoscope + Titan TTS-NP-6.0D-4W – Video Camera with 2 Cameras + Titan TTS-S08-6.0V 4W – Endoscope for 4th direction filming + Titan TTS-NP2.8W 4W – 2-way or 4-way video endoscope Cameras for police and military operations Used for inspection of systems, machines and structures and for safety tasks. A polescope camera is used to diagnose and monitor the condition of hard-to-reach areas of machinery and systems. This means that the incandescent camera can also detect potential hazards inside the machines. An infrared camera is used, for example, in military operations to make enemies visible (night operations). + Titan TTS-S14 – 360 ° Telescopic Camera + Titan TTS-S13-1 – Waterproof Surveillance Camera + Titan TTS-S12 + – Telescopic camera for machine control + Titan TTS-S08-6.0IR – Infrared Video Endoscope + Titan TTS-S08-18.5TM – Thermal Endoscope 4Directional Cameras for the automotive industry Used to detect noise from machines and other systems, e.g. fans, pistons and pumps. Endoscopes are mainly used by experts in all industries, mechatronics engineers, car mechanics, etc. Inspection of valves, motors, gears and compressors. + Titan TTS-S08-5.5 – Video endoscope with 2mm head + Titan TTS-NP4.0H 4W – 1 mil pixel endoscope + Titan TTS-EN4.0 2W – Economic videoendoscope