Libervit is a world leader in the design and manufacture of rescue, special forces and industrial hydraulic tools. A reliable and secure choice.

Fire Fighting

To date, no manufacturer of extraction materials has been able to offer an effective solution in the field of forced imports. In view of the rescuers, LIBERVIT has used its 20 years of close cooperation with the police and special forces to create means for rapid entry. Tools for access, tools for opening armored doors, metal shutters, windows, elevator doors, train doors. Considering the needs of firefighters, these tools are effective and safe, because they can be used from a distance. That is the most important thing to protect against potential hazards.


LIBERVIT Maritime offers rescue organizations the only product range in the world that allows them to be dismantled and entered by force in a land, water or underwater environment. These kits include a hydraulic power unit, cutters, spreaders, jacks and door openings capable of operating at depths of up to 80 meters. The kits are autonomous and have neutral buoyancy. LIBERVIT is once again a pioneer and leader in this field, which is as specialized and complex as underwater rescue.

Cut and Rescue

The production of hydraulic tools to rescue those in need is LIBERVIT’s mission. ORANGEline’s range is dedicated to public or private rescuers. People buried in a car, truck, bus, train, or earthquake, industrial collapses. All places where powerful tools are needed. cut and release.